Digital Transformation Training

Energy Conference Network has partnered with Geoffrey Cann, Creator of Digitally Ready Talent to offer virtual options to train you and/or your staff to become digitally transformed.

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The biggest challenge oil and gas companies face in addressing digital changes in the industry is equipping their people with a common base of understanding of digital. Without a common base of definitions, terminology, and frameworks, organizations run the risk that their digital agenda will be defined by specific vendors which can have unintended consequences. Suppliers of technology, IT professionals, universities and consultants all use variants of their own proprietary approaches to digital that, well-intentioned, can create poor transparency, bias and prejudice. Without a common base, teams drift into silos, management blocks innovation and Boards cannot execute their oversight role.

Leveraging his book, ‘Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas’, Geoffrey offers a training course to help overcome this knowledge gap.


7.5 hours of lectures and quizzes available on the Udemy on-line learning platform

Perfect for the individual learner, this self-paced course also covers terminology, key technologies, and critical management topics and in more depth than the in-classroom experience. It works on desktops and mobile devices and various browsers.

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Ready to book the course? Click here to register for US$39.99.


  • Digital definitions, terminology and illustrations
  • The leading digital technologies and their emerging oil and gas use cases
  • Briefings on digital technology advances including cloud computing, internet of things, artificial intelligence, autonomy, blockchain, gamification, augmented reality, agile methods
  • A framework for structuring digital innovations in context
  • Case examples of specific combinatorial digital innovations and impacts
  • Key orthodoxies of the industry that digital transforms
  • Reviews of the impacts of digital innovation on segments of the industry, including upstream, midstream, refining and processing, retailing, trading, corporate functions and services
  • Organising a team to tackle digital transformation
  • Risks to be managed, including security, privacy and technology risk
  • Talent management and skills required
  • Strategic planning methods for approaching digital innovations
  • Addressing the challenges of change management
  • The business case for digital innovation


Digital Definitions
  1. International Energy Agency, Cisco, IBM
  2. The growth of data
  3. Power of analytics
  4. Expanding telecommunications
  5. Moore’s law
  6. Metcalfe’s law
  7. Market capitalization of digital companies
  8. Framework for digital innovation
  1. Importance of data to digital
  2. Data types
  3. Oil and gas issues with data
Internet of Things
  1. Use cases
  2. Architectures
  3. SCADA and IoT
  4. Developments
Artificial Intelligence
  1. Definitions – AI, ML, deep learning
  2. Role of AI in the future
  3. Use cases in oil and gas – maintenance, field operations, optimization
  1. Robots in the field and office
  2. 3D printing and impacts on oil and gas
  3. Use cases – submersible, inspections, surveillance, data collection
Cloud Computing
  1. Types of clouds – private, hybrid
  2. Role of cloud computing
  3. Impacts of cloud computing on oil and gas business models
  1. Definitions, examples
  2. ATOMIC – asset, trust, ownership, money, identity, contract
  3. Role of blockchain in oil and gas
  4. Use cases – VAKT, tracking, carbon
Business Issues and Digital Solutions in the Oil and Gas Value Chain
  1. The Oil and Gas Industry Process Model
  2. Upstream – conventional, unconventional, on-shore, off-shore
  3. Midstream – processing, pipelines, transportation
  4. Downstream – refining, wholesaling, retail
  5. Capital projects – planning, execution
  6. Turnarounds and shutdowns
  7. Functions (HR, supply chain, finance)
  8. Services – field services and support
Management Issues in Digital
  1. IT, OT and digital team design
  2. Risks to be managed – cyber, security, data, policy, technology
  3. The Risk Matrix for Digital
  4. Management of change process and implementing digital change
  5. Agile versus waterfall methods
  6. Importance of user experience and design
Talent Issues in Digital
  1. Availability of talent
  2. Creating trust in digital
  3. Leadership of human change
  4. Talent attributes of the future
Digital Strategy
  1. Setting a north star heading for digital innovation
  2. Confronting industry norms and practices that digital can impact
  3. The Strategy Cascade by Roger Martin
  4. Examples of digitally driven strategy – Rio Tinto
  5. Determining the business case for digital

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Ready to book the course? Click here to register for just US$39.99.