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Gold Sponsors

ThingWorx, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


ThingWorx™, a PTC Business, provides the leading Internet of Things (IoT) application platform and development tools with the most advanced cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and machines.

Combining ThingWorx and Axeda Machine Cloud™ technology allows companies to reduce application development efforts, minimizing cost, risk, complexity and time to market so they can quickly build and deploy IoT applications to optimize business processes and create new business models.

OSIsoft, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


OSIsoft delivers an open enterprise infrastructure to connect sensor-based data and people to enable real-time and actionable insights. The company’s PI System empowers customers across multiple industries in activities such as exploration, extraction, production, generation, process and discrete manufacturing, distribution, and services to leverage streaming data to enrich their businesses.  From integration with very low footprint sensors such as ‘wearable’ devices and IOT gateways at the ingress side to integration with Azure IOT services and Machine Learning, the OSIsoft PI System continues to provide a common infrastructure for customers to deliver IOT enabled operational intelligence.  Today the PI System infrastructure from OSIsoft is used to monitor and optimize oil & gas operations to reduce downtime, improve safety and optimize performance.  By utilizing comprehensive sensor data captured by the hybrid PI System with Azure ML and Azure IOT Services, Oil & Gas companies can collect, integrate, and organize sensor data from remote oil & gas operations to support real-time insight, improve efficiencies and preventative maintenance through advanced analytics.

Hortonworks, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


Hortonworks is a leading innovator at creating, distributing and supporting enterprise-ready open data platforms. Our mission is to manage the world’s data. We have a single-minded focus on driving innovation in open source communities such as Apache Hadoop, NiFi, and Spark. Our open Connected Data Platforms power Modern Data Applications that deliver actionable intelligence from all data:  data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Along with our 1600+ partners, we provide the expertise, training and services that allows our customers to unlock the transformational value of data across any line of business. We are Powering the Future of Data™.

Ambyint, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


Ambyint, established in 2015, has one of the first commercial solutions available which brings the Internet of Things (IoT) and sophisticated big data analytics to the oil patch. The proprietary platform combines and leverages the latest innovations in lightweight sensors, wireless communications and predictive data analytics, and enables oil producers to autonomously optimize their well assets, increasing production and efficiency, while reducing costs – both operational and maintenance – and ultimately, achieve a higher profitability.

Associate Sponsors

Microsoft, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Process Manufacturing & Resources

Microsoft offers a secure, scalable, and flexible platform to maximize manufacturing efficiencies, ensure customer loyalty, increase employee productivity, develop new products and services, and achieve operational excellence. Our integrated products and services, alongside a comprehensive partner ecosystem, help process manufacturing companies through a journey of digital transformation.

SparkCognition, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


SparkCognition is the world’s first Cognitive Security Analytics company. We’re applying Machine Learning & AI to Cloud Security and the Internet of Things. In this new world, where data is abundant, unintelligent software cannot be expected to respond to critical scenarios that may evolve rapidly, or make use of new opportunities when they surface for a fleeting instant. This is where software-enabled Cognition comes in. SparkCognition’s platform is built on patent-pending Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning techniques that enable unparalleled Cognitive capability. When exposed to security data, we can find patterns of attack, identify vectors, model attacker behavior and much more. Because it’s Cloud-Born, SparkCognition’s platform aggregates its learning at a faster pace than any human or legacy software system. It not only gains more experience, it actually increases its intelligence and capability. Over time, it will answer questions that, today, only a handful of elite security experts could address. And beyond that, it will only get smarter.

Imubit, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


Imubit automatically predicts future operational events using a novel artificial intelligence paradigm for industrial applications. Imubit’s self learning platform is used by leading customers in energy, oil & gas, water, transportation and manufacturing, to streamline and scale operational prediction in the enterprise. Unlike other predictive analytics solutions, Imubit’s platform was designed from the bottom up for the operational user, requiring zero data science skills, dynamic modeling, coding and model maintenance.

MapR, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


MapR provides the industry’s only converged data platform that integrates the power of Hadoop and Spark with global event streaming, real-time database capabilities, and enterprise storage, enabling customers to harness the enormous power of their data. Organizations with the most demanding production needs, including sub-second response for fraud prevention, secure and highly available data-driven insights for better healthcare, petabyte analysis for threat detection, and integrated operational and analytic processing for improved customer experiences, run on MapR. A majority of customers achieves payback in fewer than 12 months and realizes greater than 5X ROI. MapR ensures customer success through world-class professional services and with free on-demand training that 50,000 developers, data analysts and administrators have used to close the big data skills gap.

Innovation Partners

i2k Connect, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas

i2k Connect

i2k Connect enriches information with knowledge. We use AI technology and industry knowledge to classify, summarize, structure, find and analyze unstructured information from internal company repositories and the Web. This enables us to assist businesses to manage unstructured data growth, mine value from lost information, find structure in unstructured documents, classify consistently into taxonomies and solve the legacy documents problem.

Simularity, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


Simularity helps upstream operators achieve world class efficiency and well management by applying real time artificial intelligence to operations data. Simularity’s software predicts problems before they happen, thereby optimizing well production and maintenance.

Contextere, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


Contextere is an ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ (IIOT) software company empowering the 21st century industrial workforce. We are developing an intelligent personal agent delivering curated guidance to the industrial worker in the field and on the factory floor. Today’s employee is overwhelmed by data yet lacks the relevant information to execute, as a result spending as much as 60% of their time on non-productive activities. Using human-centric machine learning and intelligent context, Contextere answers the simple question – Now What? A mobile personal agent delivering automated actionable insights at the point of service will make every worker skilled, reduce human error and save lives.

Telephony Partner

Altaworx, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


Founded in 2001, Altaworx began as a provider of premise based VoIP business solutions. In 2003, Altaworx became a partner of AT&T and adopted its current partner model utilizing the AT&T Alliance Channel. Altaworx divested of the premise based hardware business in 2011 and became an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) providing data solutions built on the world class AT&T IP network. In 2012, Altaworx became the first member of the AT&T Partner Exchange Program.  Since then, Altaworx has branded and expanded its product offerings to include MIS, MPLS, IP DSL, and Mobility Solutions all powered by AT&T.

For over a decade, Altaworx has earned the trust of MSP’s and VAR’s to incorporate IP voice, data, and mobility solutions into the service mix they already provide their clients. This is accomplished by listening and understanding their partner’s needs and in turn, educating them on how the Altaworx solutions will have a positive impact on revenue and their clients’ business.

Media Partners

Oil IT Journal, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas

Oil IT Journal

Published monthly since 1996, Oil IT Journal offers independent insight on upstream information technology, applications, knowledge and data management. The subscription-based newsletter is widely read throughout the industry. Oil IT Journal editors provide on the spot reports from industry conferences such as AAPG, EAGE, Energistics, PNEC, PPDM, SEG, SPE and others. Coverage includes E&P, pipeline, GIS, process and plant information management. In 2005, an independent study called oilit.com “the top website for energy IT professionals.”

Shale Gas International, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas

Shale Gas International

Shale Gas International website and monthly magazine is a source of independent news and analysis about the unconventional oil and gas industry. Based in London, UK – and with print distribution at key global oil & gas events – we offer an international perspective and global coverage of this fast-paced industry.

Rigzone, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas


Rigzone, a DHI service, is the leading online resource for the oil and gas industry. We connect you to the news you are looking for, the career opportunities you want, and the actionable insights and data needed to tackle any industry and career challenges that may come your way. We have the largest pool of Oil and Gas talent with the skills and experience you are looking for when and where you need it. Our advanced recruitment and talent brand solutions allow you access a database of over 2 million industry CV/Resumes and reach a highly targeted audience made up of over 3 million members. We operate in all major Oil and Gas markets across the globe. With the largest oil and gas audience in the world and a proven approach to sourcing and providing deep insights on all aspects of oil and gas, our focus is on improving the ways people engage with the industry, empowering the discovery of prospects and opportunities that inspire personal and professional success.

Oil & Gas Technology, sponsors Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas Technology

Oil & Gas Technology (Brazil, Russia, India, China and global editions) reports on the latest technologies and innovations which are continuing to shape the oil and gas industry for a BRIC and emerging markets readership. The Oil & Gas Technology website brings exclusive and high quality news, interviews, case studies and technical news articles which focus on key areas of upstream, downstream and pipeline technologies; including exploration and production, refining and processing, downhole and drilling as well as subsea and other offshore topics.  The print editions of Oil & Gas Technology are distributed in bilingual format to a controlled circulation readership in Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as globally.