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Emanuel Marsis
Production Modeling & Simulations Engineer, Baker Hughes

Dr. Emanuel Marsis has 10+ years of industry experience; 8+ years in oil and gas. His experience includes new product development engineering, applications, operations, reliability, supply chain management, project management, and engineering management. Areas of expertise include modeling and simulations, simulations based design, artificial lift systems, subsea systems, upstream and downstream chemicals, drilling, & completions. Emanuel Marsis has a PhD from Texas A&M University in Computational & Experimental Fluid Dynamics. He has 5 Papers & 2 Patents. In his most recent role with Baker Hughes, he is providing support to both Applications, Operations, & R&D teams utilizing computer simulations for the first time to better serve the customer needs in both upstream & downstream chemicals. 

Gilad Cohen
CEO, Imubit

Gilad Cohen has over 15 years of experience in machine learning and hardware R&D, applied across various industries such as aerospace & defense, energy, oil & gas, transportation and manufacturing. Gilad is the CEO and co-founder of Imubit, a Silicon Valley startup that applies a new form of artificial intelligence to autonomous prediction of operational events. Prior to Imubit, Gilad founded and led Cigol, a specialized hardware and firmware security contractor in the aerospace and defense sector. Gilad holds a BSc in mathematics, a BSc and MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, all Cum Laude from Ben Gurion University in Israel, and is the author of several IEEE papers on multi-dimensional joint object registration and segmentation.

Sammy Haroon
Director, Palo Alto Innovation Center and Director, Global Enterprise Data Analytics Group, Baker Hughes

Sammy Haroon is Director, Palo Alto Innovation Center and Director, Global Enterprise Data Analytics Group at Baker Hughes. Haroon is responsible for investing in for-profit, academic and public organizations.

Over the last 24 years Haroon has held various roles, including start-up entrepreneur, corporate investor and executive. He founded the RBR group, a rapid product and service prototyping company, he was one of the few hired directly at an executive level at Proctor & Gamble, was an independent consultant for CheckFree iSolutions as well as other leadership positions at a number of well-known companies. His career has been focused on creating and monetizing opportunities in advanced information technology, software, analytics, design, and delivering products and services across various sectors, including, oil and gas, E-Commerce, ERP, banking, finance, CPG, smart grid and electronics.

Haroon is Chairman of the Program Committee for OTC: d5 and Innovation Conference at the Offshore Technology Conference, the world’s largest oil and gas conference. He serves on a variety of industry and academic boards, including Saffron Technology, a cognitive computing company, and University of Oklahoma’s School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.

Throughout his career, Haroon has remained engaged in academia. He has authored and co-authored several publications, which have been used at multiple universities globally.

Haroon holds a Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Subrat Nanda
Senior Data Scientist & Analytics Leader, GE

Subrat Nanda holds a Master’s degree from University of Exeter, England (2003) in Autonomous Systems and Bachelors in Engineering (2001) from University of Nagpur, India. He is currently a Senior Data Scientist and Analytics Leader with GE Power Services, Houston, Texas. He also leads a team of data analytics professionals to design, develop, deploy and maintain data science solutions for industrial problems in the areas of Prognostics & Health Management, risk assessment for long term contractual service agreements and critical decision making. Prior to his current role, Subrat spent over nine years with GE Global Research. He has been working for over twelve years in applying machine learning, statistical modelling and actuarial methods to real world problems by fusing domain knowledge with data driven technologies.

Matthew Krueger
Analytics Engineering Leader for Distributed Power, GE

Matthew Krueger holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Emory University in Atlanta, GA, USA (2007) and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering degree from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA (1995).  Currently, he is the General Manager of Aero Remote Services, a department including over 75 Engineers charged that develop analytics, software, and conduct remote diagnostics for a fleet of Aeroderivative Gas Turbine units.  Prior to this role, he spent 13 years in various customer service and leadership positions inside GE.  Overall, he has spent over 20 years in the Power Generation Industry focused on delivering operation and maintenance support over the life cycle of gas and steam turbine powerplants.

Tarun Chandrasekhar
Technology Solutions Director for Business Development and Exploration, BP Lower 48 Onshore

Tarun Chandrasekhar leads the Data Management division and serves as the Technology Solutions Director for Business Development and Exploration for BP Lower 48 Onshore. Prior to working for BP, he spent more than 15 years in GIS, enterprise geospatial data management, subsurface data management, data analytics and workflow optimization. His career has spanned product development, data management strategy development, consulting, and project implementations in oil and gas, health care and transportation sectors in the US, Europe, Venezuela, Mexico, Singapore and India. He is currently involved in identifying value-based use cases for leveraging Big Data in Oil and Gas while balancing the needs for structured data management in traditional workflows. He is an avid cyclist and when not training for the BP MS150, spends time riding the trails with his wife and two girls.

Dr. Gilbert Haddad
TLM Analytics Manager, Schlumberger

Dr. Gilbert Haddad is the TLM Analytics Manager at Schlumberger- an organization developing and deploying end-to-end analytics solutions for the Schlumberger businesses to improve the reliability, efficiency and operating costs of their tools. Gilbert has developed and commercialized multiple solutions that are already deployed in the field today. Prior to Schlumberger, Gilbert worked at GE Global Research and GE Software on developing applications for the industrial internet. Gilbert holds a PhD from the University of Maryland with a focus on prognostics and health management for industrial assets, and a MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Steve Jennis
Corporate VP and Head of Global Marketing, ADLINK Technology & contributor for the Industrial Internet Consortium

Steve is Corporate VP and Head of Global Marketing at ADLINK Technology. He was an executive director of PrismTech and wasalso responsible for the company’s strategy, business development and marketing functions.  He recognized the potential of the IoT as a high-growth opportunity for PrismTech back in 2012 and =led the company’s initiatives to position itself to address this exciting market.  PrismTech’s ‘Vortex Intelligent Data-sharing Platform’ (announced in March 2014) is a result of this work and immediately established PrismTech as a leading player in IoT-enabling technologies. Steve also blogs regularly on IoT topics and contributes to a number of IoT industry initiatives, such as ‘The Industrial Internet Consortium’ and the ‘SmartAmerica Challenge’. With over 20 years of experience in high-technology management Steve has achieved success in both large corporate and start-up environments and is widely recognized as a leading business strategist and marketeer for infrastructure and platform software.

Cole Harris
Data Scientist, Chevron

Cole Harris has 25 years of experience in oil & gas and data science. Most recently, he has been engaged in the development of machine learning approaches to production modeling as a data scientist with Chevron. In 2002, Cole co-founded and led the data science efforts at Exagen Diagnostics, a biotech company based on the application of machine learning techniques to genomic data. Throughout the ‘90s, Cole developed seismic processing algorithms as a research geophysicist with Veritas DGC.  Over the course of his career, he has been awarded 10 US patents, and has authored 30+ papers and presentations. Cole holds a master’s in physics from the Johns Hopkins University.

Mike Saylor
Executive Director, Cyber Defense Labs

Michael (Mike) possesses over 22 years of diversified technology experience with both domestic and international companies in Cyber Security and Investigations, IT Audit, Compliance and Risk Management, and IT Operations. Michael’s experience covers numerous industries, including Financial, Government, Manufacturing, Energy, Telecom, Healthcare, Education, and Retail. Michael is the Executive Directory of Cyber Defense Labs, the President Emeritus for North Texas FBI Infragard, member of the North Texas Crime Commission’s Cyber Crime Committee, and a Professor on topics of Cyber Security, Computer Science, Digital Forensics, IT Audit, and Criminology for North Texas Universities and Community Colleges.  His undergraduate degree is in Information Systems from the University of Texas at Arlington, and his Master’s degree is in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Mark Reynolds
Senior Solutions Architect Technical E&P Applications, Southwestern Energy

Mark Reynolds has been creating answers in diverse industries and disciplines – avionics systems, performance analysis, process management, real-time solutions, and knowledge research. His broad experience covers a wide range of engineering solutions which are operations-centric knowledge systems. His mantra is “focus on bottom-line solutions by improving operations, developing solutions, and finding synergy within the organization.” At Southwestern Energy, Mark Reynolds provides the vision and innovation necessary to identify and implement solutions in real-time operations that pull together individual systems, repositories, and operation centers to add value, efficiency, and safety to the upstream exploration and production environments.

Dr. Eric Schoen
Director of Engineering, i2k Connect

Eric has overall responsibility delivering the i2k Connect Platform. He plays a major role in ensuring the architecture, AI science and processing algorithms are robust enough to enable operation at scale in cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid installations. Before joining i2k Connect, Eric spent over thirty years at Schlumberger, in both research and engineering functions, most recently as its Chief Software Architect. At Schlumberger, he contributed to a broad range of software, from the company’s early pioneering efforts to leverage knowledge-based systems, its GeoFrame and Ocean platforms for reservoir characterization, its software quality processes, and its strategies for enterprise-scale architecture for data acquisition, transmission, processing, and delivery. Eric holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from Stanford University.

Kenneth Smith
General Manager, Oil & Gas, Hortonworks

As the General Manager, Oil & Gas, Kenneth is responsible for establishing and leading the execution of a winning go-to-market strategy for the oil & gas vertical, geared to maximize revenue, pipeline growth and market share for Hortonworks in the industry.  Responsibilities include proactively working with customers, Hortonworks sales & solution management, partners, VARs, and prospects to identify new solutions and industry specific product requirements for the oil & gas market.  He also ensures appropriate solution expertise support is provided and leveraged during the sales and solution implementation cycle, develops successful thought-leadership and solution strategies to achieve maximum profitability in the segment, while maximizing revenue growth of all company products and services.

Kenneth has over 15 years of proven success as a sales executive across multiple industries, the last five spent in the oil & gas sector, through the delivery of high-value propositioned products and solutions, with a track record of developing reciprocal, rewarding relationships with his customers, partners, and colleagues.

Prior to joining Hortonworks, Kenneth was the Executive Director, Oil & Gas for Bit Stew Systems, and previously was the Software Sales Manager, North America for Weatherford International.

Kenneth holds a BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University, and lives in Fulshear, Texas with his wife and three boys.

Craig Harclerode
Global O&G and Industrial Chemicals Business Development Executive, OSIsoft

Craig Harclerode is a 35 year O&G industry veteran in the use of automation and information technologies to improve the performance and profitability in all segments of O&G and Industrial Chemicals organizations.  Craig’s career has included a variety of operations, management, executive management, and consultative positions at O&G companies and solutions providers.

Most recently, Craig has been focusing on O&G big data technologies, IT/OT integration, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the growth in smart sensors, business intelligence, and analytical methods using the OSIsoft PI System as an “OT Chart of Accounts”.

In his current role as the Global O&G and Industrial Chemicals Business Development Executive at OSIsoft, Craig consults with O&G and Industrial Chemical companies globally on how the PI System can add value to their organizations as a strategic real-time integration and applications infrastructure.

He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Rice University and is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Sameer Kalwani
Founder, Element Analytics

Sameer Kalwani is the founder of Element Analytics, where he oversees product strategy, marketing, development, and design. Previously, he was CTO and Head of Product at Piramal Sarvajal, an innovative water utility that implemented a distributed infrastructure of water treatment plants. He led the development of patented solutions that reduced Sarvajal’s maintenance costs by >60% with predictive ML, the invention of the Water ATM, and reduced the customer’s price of water by 60x with business model innovations. Prior to that, as a Deloitte consultant, he helped industrial and public sector companies manage their IT strategy and architecture in post-merger situations. Sameer also has experiences in enterprise IT at Apcera, finance at Goldman Sachs, and manufacturing at Visteon Corporation. Sameer graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Cognitive Psychology, and holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Ray Richardson
CTO, Simularity

Ray has 28 years experience in the software industry as a programmer and software architect. Prior to Simularity, Ray was Co-CTO at Wind River, where he was the architect for VxWorks and designed embedded operating systems and distributed processing systems. Ray has also worked on the Unix kernel, machine learning systems, intelligent distributed industrial control systems, and large parallel data collection and processing systems. Ray holds a number of patents in the field of parallel processing.

Ayush Talware
Lead Data Scientist, Spark Cognition

Eric J. van Gemeren
Vice President, R&D, Flowserve Corporation

Eric has been developing and leading high-performance teams in high-tech organizations for more than 25 years.   With a diverse background ranging from military service, to management consulting, to running a multi-national profit center, Eric has developed a passion for exploiting product and service innovation as a means to driving growth in revenues and profitability.  Drawing on extensive experience in project management, operations, product lifecycle management, research & development, supply-chain management, and enterprise performance measurement, Eric has contributed to the successful transformation of numerous old-economy business models in the defense, automotive, and oil & gas industries.

Eric is currently the Vice President of R&D for Flowserve Corporation, where he is responsible for the worldwide development of new products and has overall accountability for managing Flowserve’s global portfolio of investments in emerging technologies that are applied across the entire product range.  Providing the industry’s broadest portfolio of configure-to-order and engineered-to-order products, Flowserve is the world’s largest provider of industrial pumps, valves, and seals to companies in the oil & gas, petrochemical, water, and fine chemical markets.

Eric began his career as a Marine Systems Engineer in the Navy, and served many years in numerous warships deployed all over the globe.  After reaching senior officer rank, Eric left public service to become a Management Consultant to Fortune-100 companies that were struggling with the commercialization of technology-based products and services.

Eric is a registered Professional Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering.  Eric also obtained an MBA from Queen’s University in Canada, and professional certifications from the Project Management Institute and Product Development Management Association.  A member of Mensa, Eric has also been the recipient of numerous industry-sponsored awards, including outstanding career achievement and leadership.

Nav Dhunay
CEO, Ambyint

Likely as a result of an inherited DNA rich in precision, pride and work ethic, Nav Dhunay is a do-er. One of those guys who has an idea and then the smarts to either create it himself, or find and collaborate with the best minds available to bring it to life. Call it entrepreneurialism, tenacity or simply a stubborn unwillingness to let a good idea go to waste, Nav has attained a hard-won collection of tech startup hits in his history, each which saw success only as a result of ‘fail fast, learn fast’, insight-rich bumps in the road.

Currently in his sights, the strategic and intelligence-powered disruption of the Oil & Gas industry via Ambyint, Nav’s newly founded firm bringing bleeding-edge technology and the Industrial IoT to the very heart of the oil patch – for the very first time.

Challenging the incumbent practices of legacy industries like oil and gas is not for the faint hearted. It requires an unwavering determination backed by the type of game-changing product which can only be created in an environment where culture and collaboration are given prominence by leadership and where great minds are encouraged to innovate with freedom to fail fast and to wage all out Nerf gun war on their co-workers at anytime, anywhere.

Carl Byers
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer , Contextere

Carl Byers applies thirty years of experience in modeling and simulation, virtual environments, and augmented reality to software applications that improve knowledge-based productivity enhancement and decision making in complex distributed organizations. As co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Contextere, Carl drives integrated R&D, product development, and collaborative partnerships that leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to empower the 21st century workforce. Carl is also President of the AREA, a member organization focused on accelerating the adoption of augmented reality in the enterprise. Carl holds an MBA, a Master’s in Human Security & Peacebuilding, and a Bachelor’s in Engineering Physics.

Usman Shuja
Vice President of Market Development, SparkCognition

Usman Shuja is Vice President of Market Development at SparkCognition. In this role, he is responsible for revenue, marketing and strategic partnerships.

Usman brings more than a decade of relevant leadership experience from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), IBM, Dell and a tech start up. Usman serves on advisory boards for HotelKey, a cloud-based hotel management software company, and the US chapter of the International Cricket Council (ICC), cricket’s world governing body.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Stuart Gillen
Director of Business Development, Spark Cognition

Stuart Gillen is currently the Director of Business Development at SparkCognition.  In this role, Gillen is responsible for driving business engagements, partner development, marketing activities, and go-to market strategy.

Areas of specialty include IoT architectures, platforms, and technologies.  Gillen also focuses on how advanced data analytics can be applied to Asset Performance Management to optimize efficiency, maintenance and safety on critical infrastructure.

Gillen previously worked for National Instruments as their Condition Monitoring Business Owner.  As leader of this team he was responsible for driving the overall strategy of the NI, Condition Monitoring platform including setting and delivering on the overall growth plan.

Gillen earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and M.B.A from Kansas State University.

Dr. Arvind Battula
Sr. Data Scientist, Schlumberger

Dr. Arvind Battula has 8+ years of Oil & Gas Industry experience in new product development of several downhole tools from concept to commercialization in Wireline, project management and lately in building industrialized Machine Learning based applications for Drilling field operations. Primary area of expertise is in Machine Learning on Distributed Systems and Mechanical Engineering. Arvind Battula has PhD from The University of Texas at Austin in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy
Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy is a pioneer in the fields of data science, big data, analytics, and emerging technologies. He is currently chief data scientist at Halliburton’s Landmark PSL, leading expansion of integrated workflow capabilities and big data and data science initiatives. Dr. Priyadarshy has appeared as speaker at several international conferences, and has written, co-authored, presented and published numerous research papers in peer-reviewed journals and magazines. He has held various leadership positions in AOL, Network Solutions, Acxiom Corporation prior to joining Halliburton. He was recently named to The Financial Times’ list of potential board candidates with emerging technology and analytics expertise. Dr. Priyadarshy is an adjunct faculty at Georgetown University.  He is currently senior fellow at the International Cyber Security Center at George Mason University. He is advisory board member at multiple organizations including Big Data Summit, Virginia Tech’s MBA Board, etc.  Dr. Priyadarshy holds a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, and an MBA from Virginia Tech.

Eric Smith
Vice President of Business Development, Technology Platform group-Machine Learning, Thingworx-PTC

Mr. Smith was responsible for Business Operations and Corporate Finance for ColdLight, A PTC Business where he served as Chief Strategic and Financial Officer. He is responsible for driving strategy on key operational issues, managing critical business decisions, and ensuring operational excellence and scalability of the business. Currently, he has Global responsibility to help support Channel Partnerships specific to ThingWorx Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics.

Eric also assists in Business Development and Channel Partnership expansion. He is a serial technology entrepreneur who co-founded and sold multiple successful technology businesses to companies including DuPont. He is experience in all facets of operations and finance including raising growth and expansion capital for early stage technology businesses in which he was a member of the executive team.

He has a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Florida, as well as a Global Executive MBA from the Duke Fuqua School of Business and started his career at IBM.