Event Closed

This event ran February 16-17, 2016 and has now finished.

2016 Speakers:

Suzanne West
CEO, Imaginea

She is going to change the world. And she’s going to do it by getting other people to change the world with her. Imaginea is her latest venture and one of five companies that, over the past 15 years, she has successfully built from scratch. She spent her early days receiving an engineering degree from the University of Calgary, then spent the first 11 years of her career as a reservoir engineer and in various leadership positions in large corporations.

Her unparalleled wisdom, that only a brilliant and repeatedly successful entrepreneur can offer, has attracted a crack team to break down the most daunting of barriers. To rewire the way we think about energy. To turn what we’re doing into what we should be doing. Her latest passion, Imaginea, is to create a new kind of energy company that values all three of Planet and People and Profits, equally. Essentially, to discover a better way of developing our resources and creating “AND” solutions and new possibilities to transform the energy industry into a force for good. Her truly laudable career has crystallized into an epiphany – that profits are not the nemesis of this planet and the people on it. That oil doesn’t have to be a dirty word. That change can happen, and it will happen because it’s the smart thing to do.

And it’s this vision, guided by her insight and astonishing ambitions, that unites our ranks and compels us to realize our great potential.

Nav Dhunay
CEO, Ambyint

Likely as a result of an inherited DNA rich in precision, pride and work ethic, Nav Dhunay is a do-er. One of those guys who has an idea and then the smarts to either create it himself, or find and collaborate with the best minds available to bring it to life. Call it entrepreneurialism, tenacity or simply a stubborn unwillingness to let a good idea go to waste, Nav has attained a hard-won collection of tech startup hits in his history, each which saw success only as a result of ‘fail fast, learn fast’, insight-rich bumps in the road.

Currently in his sights, the strategic and intelligence-powered disruption of the Oil & Gas industry via Ambyint, Nav’s newly founded firm bringing bleeding-edge technology and the Industrial IoT to the very heart of the oil patch – for the very first time.

Challenging the incumbent practices of legacy industries like oil and gas is not for the faint hearted. It requires an unwavering determination backed by the type of game-changing product which can only be created in an environment where culture and collaboration are given prominence by leadership and where great minds are encouraged to innovate with freedom to fail fast and to wage all out Nerf gun war on their co-workers at anytime, anywhere.

Mandar Kasture
IT/IM Manager, Oil Sands Capital Projects, Shell Canada

Kevin Krausert
President, Beaver Drilling

Kevin Krausert is the President of Beaver Drilling Ltd., Canada’s largest and oldest privately owned drilling company. Having worked for Beaver Drilling for 15 years, his notable accomplishments include the construction, marketing and operation of some of Canada’s first fully computerized drilling rigs, entry into the Canadian Arctic drilling market and the successful roll-out and negotiation of the Rig Technician Trade between the drilling industry and Alberta Apprenticeship creating the world’s first formal trade for drilling rig workers.

Kevin started his career at the bottom of the energy industry as a floorhand on Beaver Rig 11. Over 4 years in the field, he advanced through the ranks to become a motorhand and then a derrickhand. By working side-by-side Beaver’s brightest field personnel, Kevin learned first hand the rigors and values of rig life before being promoted into the Edmonton and Calgary offices.

Mr. Krausert recently completed his Global Energy Executive MBA as Valedictorian at the Haskayne School of Business. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University in Neurobiology. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors of both the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) and Beaver Drilling Ltd.

Jane Glendon
Chief Strategy Officer, Embark Innovations

Having been involved in the Oil and Gas industry for over 14 years, Jane is passionate about using technology for smart innovations for oil and gas companies. Being the visionary behind what she calls “the most robust FDC solution available” with amazing cost savings makes her want to shout this message to the oil and gas industry to show the way to save on OPEX. She is aware of what it takes to be successful and remain current within the technology sector. Having secured the original patents for Embark Innovations technology, she’s well-versed on the technology at hand and how to make it work within the field. She holds over 35 years’ worth of experience in sales and cites management experience in Calgary as an asset to Embark Innovations. Her diverse experience in the field makes her an asset. Time spent to listen to this “save now- tell all” will ensure a successful path using proven technology to take your companies to saving awareness in practice.

Ron Lake
President, Galdos Systems

Ron Lake has written and spoken extensively on spatial technologies and the Internet of Things. Ron is widely recognized as a visionary figure in the geospatial industry, with over 30 years of experience in advanced software technologies and systems.

Ron is the original creator of GML, an OGC and ISO standard, and wrote the book Geography Markup Language (GML) – Foundation for the GeoWeb. He has also made significant contributions to key XML and web services standards for interoperability. Ron founded Galdos Systems in 1998, establishing the company as an leader in registry technology and open standards.

Ron holds B.A.Sc., an M.A.Sc., and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Toronto in Canada. He has also done significant academic work in Computer Architectures, and in Singularity Theory, Catastrophe Theory, Abstract Algebra, and Abstract Dynamics.

Elias Panasuik
Process Automation Sales Manager - West Region, Schneider Electric

Elias Panasuik is the Western Canadian Sales Manager for Schneider Electric’s Process Automation business unit and is a regular speaker at Industry events. For the past 15 years, Elias has contributed to technology innovation and advancements in the field of data management for Enterprise Oil and Gas clients, as well as for Smart Cities and Utility clients. He is currently focused on IT/OT convergence and leveraging production, automation, and business assets to create an integrated platform for condition based monitoring and predictive analytics.

Munaf Samji
Director, Imaginea

Charles Iggulden
President, Infinity Energy

Charles Iggulden, MBA, is the President and CEO of Infinity Energy.  He brings over twenty-five years of senior global leadership experience in construction and the resource sector, specifically oil and gas and power industries.  He is a solutions based senior manager with extensive experience planning, implementing, and directing enterprise-wide strategic vision aimed at increasing revenue and attaining operational excellence. Exceptional communicator skilled in global networking, and cultivating long-lasting relationships with employees, senior executives, clients, and community members. Charles is fiscally disciplined with proven record managing multi-million-dollar budgets across various business functions. In addition, he is an analytical strategist continually focused on identifying complex business challenges, and aligning appropriate solutions. 

Charles is an active community supporter and is the recipient of many awards and acknowledgements.  These include NEBC Aboriginal Healing Conference Award of Recognition, 2004, Keyano College Aboriginal Business Award of Recognition, 2004, Government of Canada, Aboriginal Work Place Initiative Award of Recognition, 2001, Alberta Chamber of Commerce: Aboriginal Best Practices Distinction Award, 2001, Interprovincial Association on Native Employment, and Best practices Aboriginal Employment 2000.  His volunteer community involvement involves leadership on various community boards and service clubs.

Steve Fisher
CEO, SmartMat

Steve Fisher has a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University and has been the CEO of GEM Services since 2011. His previous work experience has been predominantly in the Customer Service industry and he has been the point man for a multitude of new business startups.   His absolute laser focus on customer service helped to lead the GEM Services team in the development of the SmartMat service.

Imbedded sensor technologies coupled with automated data capture systems empower platform based data analytics to drive efficiencies into capital projects.  The energy industry is ripe for change, and systems like SmartMat are the key to reducing costs through asset optimization and improved logistical efficiencies.

The Industrial Internet of Things is a hot topic and rightfully so.  Technologies have evolved to make these systems cost effective and these solutions will be the key to surviving in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Gilad Cohen
CEO, Imubit

Gilad Cohen has over 15 years of experience in machine learning and hardware R&D, applied across various industries such as aerospace & defense, energy, oil & gas, transportation and manufacturing. Gilad is the CEO and co-founder of Imubit, a Silicon Valley startup that applies a new form of artificial intelligence to autonomous prediction of operational events. Prior to Imubit, Gilad founded and led Cigol, a specialized hardware and firmware security contractor in the aerospace and defense sector. Gilad holds a BSc in mathematics, a BSc and MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, all Cum Laude from Ben Gurion University in Israel, and is the author of several IEEE papers on multi-dimensional joint object registration and segmentation.

Dr. Steve Liang
Associate Professor, University of Calgary

Steve Liang is a researcher, teacher and entrepreneur. Steve is currently an associate professor at the University of Calgary in Canada. From 2011~2014, Steve held the AITF-Microsoft Industry Research Chair on the Open Sensor Web. Steve is also the founder and CEO of SensorUp (http://www.sensorup.com).

Steve’s goal is to disrupt the silos of the Internet of Things and to empower anyone to build interoperable connected applications effortlessly. Steve’s major contribution to this emerging field has been the creation of international open standards that serve to disrupt silos and enable an interoperable and truly open IoT. For example, Steve is currently the Standard Working Group Chair of the Open Geospatial Consortium SensorThings API and the Rapporteurs of the ITU-T’s Study Group 11/Q12 on the Internet of Things test specifications. The result of both standard works is to provide a uniform way to expose the full potential of the Internet of Things.

Steve received his Ph.D. degree in Geographical Information Systems from Canada (York University, 2007). During his Ph.D. study, he also contributed to the development of one of the first virtual globe systems in the world, called GlobeView. GlobeView was later commercialized by GeoTango Corp., and subsequently acquired by Microsoft in 2005.

Jason Sawchuk
Manager Solution Management, Plains Midstream Canada

Jason Sawchuk is an energy professional with over 15 years of related industry experience.   After three years at PWC, Jason moved to Plains Midstream Canada where he has performed a variety of leadership roles in both the Accounting and Commercial teams over the past ten years prior to moving into IT.  Now as the leader of Solution Management, Jason is responsible for leading strategy execution and service delivery for a large team of IS professionals in areas such as Commercial, Corporate, Field and SCADA Application Management teams, Quality Assurance,  Business & Process Analysis, and Integration Management.  Jason is committed to enabling customer groups to leverage technology to drive efficiencies and achieve business outcomes.

Dariusz Piotrowski
Director, Oil & Gas Cognitive Solutions, North America Leader, IBM

Analytics, IT strategy, transformation and performance optimization executive specializing in energy sector. Technology innovation and advanced analytics advisor to senior executives with over 20 years of management and systems consulting experience. Advised to Canadian and international energy companies helping them align IT strategy with business objectives. Led implementation of several complex and innovative initiatives that resulted in tangible revenue growth and cost reduction. Effective senior leader at both strategy and implementation levels.

Peter Ward
Director Logistics Solutions, Oracle

Marc Johnson
VP, Ambyint

Trudy Curtis
Chief Executive Officer, Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association

Trudy is the Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has over 35 years of experience in the industry and is known around the world for her advocacy of data management as a professional discipline and data as a critical corporate asset.

After receiving a BSc. from the University of Calgary in 1978, Curtis went to work in the Oil and Gas industry, and ultimately the PPDM Assocation. As chief architect of the PPDM data model, trainer, speaker and leader, she has led the way to the creation and industry adoption of standards, best practices and the professionalism of data management in the petroleum industry. In addition to her role as CEO of the PPDM Association, Curtis is co-chair of the Standards Leadership Council.  Curtis was recipient of the Stewart McAdoo Pillar award in 2011 and the Phillip C. Crouse Cornerstone award in 2013.

Bernadette Bosse
Chairman and CEO, Certified Documentation and Data Management Association of Canada (CDDMAC)

Bernadette Bosse is the Chairman and CEO, Certified Documentation and Data Management Association of Canada. She is also Course Developer and Instructor, dmeHolistic Documentation and Data Management Education and President and CEO, dms360 Ltd Documentation and Data Management Specialists. She has almost two decades of experience in inventory control, purchasing, expediting, project estimation, and documentation and data management (DDM).

In realizing there were no guidelines, standards, or written best practices in DDM, and a general lack of education in the field, she began an intensive three year initiative to develop processes, procedures, and standards that were efficient and effective, which encompassed all that organizations require to best manage their information. This took documentation control from an administration function into a technical and quality function.

dmeHolistic was created to facilitate formal education in DDM and as a result, Ms. Bosse developed a DDM basics course. However after two and a half years of teaching it, she enhanced it into a two year university certificate program currently available at UCalgary.

CDDMAC develops and publishes DDM standards, as well as certifies professional documentation and data professionals. Ms. Bosse wrote the standards and certification requirements, which were vetted by a national technical advisory board.

Gregory Tink
President, The Streamline Group

With over 20 years if technology management consulting experience, Greg is an accomplished professional with diverse experience delivering business solutions in the Oil and Gas industry. Greg has demonstrated strong management and leadership skills since his career began in IS in 1993. Prior to that, Greg worked in the field as an operator for a variety of companies. He then spent over 10 years with major energy company leading projects and groups dealing with Marketing and Upstream/Production Management. Greg’s experience includes corporate data and information management, strategy and planning, cyber security, system integration and enterprise architecture. Greg has a proven track record delivering innovative processes, technical solutions, and facilitating relationships with a high level of ethics and a strong attention to detail. He has managed projects and worked in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, from upstream to marketing, specializing in the development of key business processes and organizational change.

Phil Unger
CEO, Cadeon

Phil is well known by his colleagues and friends for entrepreneurship, thought leadership and community investment. As a former Chief Enterprise Architect with 20+ years’ experience, Phil’s mission is to apply these skills to build and grow Cadeon into a world class organization.

His experience includes:
Founder and Chairman of the Canadian Enterprise Architecture Forum, CEO of PHD Enterprise Architecture Inc. Chief Architect Nexen and 11+ years of Telecom experience with Voice and VOIP at Shaw and SaskTel

Dean Mikkelsen
Managing Director, Terra ETL

Dean C. Mikkelsen has over 18 years experience in Information & Data Management as it applies to Data Warehousing in governments, National Oil Companies, and major Exploration & Production companies. He has worked extensively in the oil services sector as a Technical Lead and has been involved in every aspect of the development process, from analysis and design to implementation and maintenance. He has also been an entrepreneur, has managed a small software company and has been a consultant.

He is an active participant of technical communities and maintains strong relations with PPDM, PODS and the APSG/EPSG as a contributing member. He is a member of the SPE and a registered Professional Engineer with APEGA.

He also maintains his own consulting company, Terra ETL. The company is growing and provides data and information management solutions and staff.

Dr. Hadi Ahmadi
Identity and GraphDB Specialist, Nulli

Dr. Hadi Ahmadi is an identity management specialist at Nulli Secundus Inc, Calgary, and has been a researcher in the field of information security and privacy since 2003. Hadi received his PhD in Computer Science (University of Calgary – 2012) and continued research as a post-doctoral fellow on telecommunication security. Hadi joined Nulli in 2014 and has since been passionate about challenging security models presented by the design and deployment of identity and access management solutions. During his research life, Hadi has published several papers in prestigious conferences and journals, and has presented a numerous courses, workshops, and scientific lectures.

Mahyar Khosravi
Business Development Manager, IoT Solutions & Ecosystems, Energy Sector, Cisco

Mahyar is a Business Development Manager for Cisco Canada and is responsible for the IoT Solutions and Ecosystems, focused on oil & gas and mining sectors. He has been with Cisco for 6 years in a number of roles including program management, channel management, and IoT solutions.

Prior to Cisco, he was with Nortel Networks in a variety of technical roles as Network Architect, Advanced Solutions, and Global Services. He also worked as the lead network design Engineer for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Mahyar has operational background in the oil & gas industry including process control and automation systems.

Stephen Park
Director, iSolutions Inc.

Stephen Park is a partner and lead consultant with iSolutions Inc. Stephen has over 15 years experience with solution architecture and system integration with a focus on production data systems in the upstream oil and gas, power utilities domains.

Greg Poapst
Senior Consultant - IoT & Business Solutions, Bell

Greg has 15 years experience in telecommunications, both wireless and satellite.  For the last 3.5 years, he has been a Solutions Consultant for Bell Mobility, first launching their Next Generation Push-to-Talk service in Alberta, and launching their Internet of Things strategy in Alberta for the last 2 years.

Rick Kuzyk
Enterprise Architect, Oracle Corporation

Rick is an Oracle Enterprise Architect based in Calgary. With over 25 years of industry experience, he’s been helping organizations design and adopt innovative solutions that drive operational efficiency.

Paulo Gomes
Director - Business Development, Hitachi Consulting

Paulo is a Director with Hitachi Consulting Enterprise Applications with over 20 years experience in Business Intelligence for a variety of industries.