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This event ran February 16-17, 2016 and has now finished.

2016 AGENDA:


Hydrocarbons in 21st century – is the Oil and Gas industry being disrupted?

8:00 am


8:50 am

Welcome address by the chairperson

Nav Dhunay, CEO

9:00 am

Keynote Address - Examining the future of E&P in era of low oil prices – challenges and opportunities

  • Is this low barrel environment fundamentally altering and redefining the oil and gas industry?
  • Will newer, more efficient, more sustainable and better energy companies emerge from this transformation?
  • Are most E&P companies equipped to adapt or are current business models too rigid?
  • Have E&P businesses been apathetic to efficiency due to the past reliance on oil prices?

Suzanne West, CEO

9:40 am

Digital Disruption in Oil and Gas

  • Can traditional Canadian O&G companies become digital and analytical giants?
  • Digital- Physical integration – Real time application like data analytics for oil recovery for real time critical decisions
  • Evaluating pressure, pumping and management of surfactants

Nav Dhunay, CEO

10:20 am

Morning networking break


10:50 am

How to save money and increase output – a technological perspective

  • Can E&P companies engineer their way through volatile prices or do they need to think efficiency rather than engineering?
  • Making data readily available to engineers in unified, workable formats

Kevin Krausert, President
Beaver Drilling

11:30 am

IBM Internet of Things, Big Data and Analytics

  • IBM’s anticipation of IoT potential and investments in IoT
  • IoT, Big Data and Analytics Trends and challenges in oil and gas
  • Where asset management fits in
  • Cognitive analytics leverages IoT and Big Data

Dariusz Piotrowski, Director, Oil & Gas Cognitive Solutions, North America Leader

12:10 pm

Opportunities, Challenges and benefits of standardizing data in IoT environment

  • Challenges and opportunities of IoT data interoperability
  • Multiple version of interoperability in rapidly growing IoT marketplace
  • System of systems – world of single API enriched metadata
  • International Standard Development Organizations (SDOs) on IoT standards

Dr. Steve Liang, Associate Professor
University of Calgary

12:50 pm

Networking lunch

1:50 pm

Case Study: Strategic Logistics & Asset Management (SLAM): a Hitachi Consulting and Oracle presentation

  • Solution for reducing logistics costs
  • Replenishment (or recovery) of fluids using IoT based forecasting
  • Order management and transportation management technology

Rick Kuzyk, Enterprise Architect
Oracle Corporation
Paulo Gomes, Director - Business Development
Hitachi Consulting

Culture & Environment

2:20 pm

Changing spots for stripes – Can the oil and gas industry reinvent itself?

  • Digitizing oil barons – reality or myth?
  • Is it lack of resources or lack of willingness stopping E&P players from adopting new technologies and tools?
  • To what extent have small to mid-cap E&P business adopted integrated tech, big data and IoT?
  • Is reluctance to adopt a generational challenge? Would new generation of front line operators be keener to adopt IoT, Big Data tools?
  • Changing culture from operational excellence to analytical excellence ?
  • Adoption or elimination – what does IoT, Big Data mean for E&P businesses (especially small to mid-cap businesses)

Suzanne West, CEO
Dr. Steve Liang, Associate Professor
University of Calgary
Stephen Park, Director
iSolutions Inc.
Greg Poapst, Senior Consultant - IoT & Business Solutions

3:10 pm

Afternoon networking break

Automation 2.0

3:40 pm

Digital Oilfields – what does the future hold?

  • Metadata is critical for IoT to enable rapid acquisition of device information
  • Re-use and re-purposing of IoT devices, and life cycle asset management
  • Device description, device classification, device properties, device location, device connectivity and applications
  • Replacing old knowledge with new insight
    • Replacing paper and pencil with devices
    • Retrofitting existing infrastructure to make it “smart”
  • Cost of automation and benefits?
  • Funding for Automation projects

Steve Fisher, CEO

4:10 pm

Digital Transformation - “How IoT is driving significant costs out of Oil and Gas operations”

  • Today’s market has accelerated the adoption of IoT.  Soon autonomous mines, and remote operations will be mainstream for Canadian operators.
  • Connected fields – reshaping how Canadian operators find, develop and produce hydrocarbons
  • Why Horizontal IoT platforms will be the foundation to allow operators to drive down operating costs

Mahyar Khosravi, Business Development Manager, IoT Solutions & Ecosystems, Energy Sector

4:40 pm

Closing remarks

4:50 pm

Close of conference

8:00 am


8:50 am

Opening remarks from Chairperson

Marc Johnson, VP

9:00 am

Growth in uncertain economic and political times

  • How is the current price volatility different from prior ones?
  • Can Canadian and North American oil and gas companies remain competitive in era of suppressed prices, more supply and efficient businesses?
  • What is the best utilization of investment to generate highest profits?

Charles Iggulden, President
Infinity Energy

9:40 am

Case Study – Shell: Quest Carbon Capture and Storage – Measure, monitor and verify (MMV) IT Solution

Mandar Kasture, IT/IM Manager, Oil Sands Capital Projects
Shell Canada

10:20 am

Panel Discussion - Are Big Data and IoT the real deal or another fad?

  • Benefits for upstream and mid stream companies
  • Challenges faced by Oil and Gas businesses and how can IoT, Big Data help them?
  • What happens to existing tech infrastructure?

Munaf Samji, Director
Nav Dhunay, CEO
Elias Panasuik, Process Automation Sales Manager - West Region
Schneider Electric
Charles Iggulden, President
Infinity Energy

11:00 am

Networking break

11:30 am

IIOT - Using Middleware in a Midstream SCADA Environment

Gregory Tink, President
The Streamline Group
Jason Sawchuk, Manager Solution Management
Plains Midstream Canada

12:00 pm - 12:15 pm

Innovation Showcase Presentation from Embark Innovations

Jane Glendon, Chief Strategy Officer
Embark Innovations

12:15 pm - 12:30 pm

Innovation Showcase Presentation from Cadeon

Phil Unger, CEO

12:30 pm - 12:45 pm

Innovation Showcase Presentation from Terra ETL

Dean Mikkelsen, Managing Director
Terra ETL

12:45 pm - 1:00 pm

Innovation Showcase Presentation from Nulli

Identity-Driven IoT in Smart Pipelines

Dr. Hadi Ahmadi, Identity and GraphDB Specialist

1:00 pm

Networking lunch

2:00 pm

Data Babble

  • Objective of effective data management
  • Availability of trusted data to all stakeholders
  • Barriers to achieving data portability
  • The opportunity for better analytics
  • Building solid foundation of IoT through data standardization

Trudy Curtis, Chief Executive Officer
Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association

2:30 pm

Data - New insight for existing challenges

  • Data management, data security, data mining, data applications, data sharing and presentation
  • Simplifying data to provide real time insights
  • Metadata driving insights, policy and culture
  • Standardizing metadata
  • Data driven efficiencies
  • Real time data – how, why and what it does for businesses in oil and gas

Ron Lake, President
Galdos Systems

3:00 pm

Automating Operational Event Prediction with Artificial Intelligence

  • Understanding how the human-factor causes a bottleneck in data-driven prediction of operational critical events.
  • Using artificial intelligence to automatically stream through Terabytes of data per day, automatically finding and learning the clues leading up to business critical events.
  • Automating data-driven prediction within the enterprise, empowering operational engineers to use all of their available data and predict key operational events without being data scientists.

Gilad Cohen, CEO

3:30 pm

Networking break

4:00 pm

Standardizing Documentation Management

  • Reducing occurrence of negative impacts and risks to organisation
  • Improving standards in documentation and data management through qualified people
  • Is new Technology the only avenue to resolve data concerns?
  • Finding balance between process development, using best practices, certifying document controllers and technology configuration

Bernadette Bosse, Chairman and CEO
Certified Documentation and Data Management Association of Canada (CDDMAC)

4:30 pm

Closing remarks and end of conference