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This event ran February 16-17, 2016 and has now finished.

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Over 80 Canadian technology leaders will discuss the challenges of remaining profitable in the face of plummeting oil prices – which have fallen over 50% since 2014

Traditionally in face of oil price dip, operators have relied on traditional cost cutting methods like lay-offs and capital expense reductions – however such measures are often short-sighted and counter-productive.

We are witnessing a divergence in energy sector – with some companies continuing to rely on outdated models, with others utilizing new technologies and tools to improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

Technological advances have enabled smart companies to maintain or boost production in lower oil price scenarios whilst remaining profitable.

In a recent industry survey by Cisco, over two-thirds of C-Level executives sighted the operational efficiency of existing projects and the maintenance of assets and infrastructure as two areas for increased investment in the next 24 months. 50% of survey respondents didn’t think their companies IT and IoT strategies were aligned – suggesting a missed opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce shutdowns, operate at lower costs and become profitable.

It is clearly a moment of reckoning for Canadian Oil & Gas businesses.

At this event you will hear about:

  • Adopting IoT and Big Data tools
  • Becoming efficient and environmentally friendly through data analytics
  • Operating challenges and how new tech can help resolve them
  • Improving efficiency in downstream and midstream operations
  • Retrofitting new technologies on old infrastructure
  • Creating analytical culture and how it benefits bottom line
  • How regulation hastening IoT, Big Data adoption

In the next 10 years, IoT and Big Data will generate close to $800 billion in value and add 0.8% to global GDP. This represents double digit bottom line growth for $500 million for energy businesses adopting IoT and Big Data technologies.

Find out how you can benefit – we look forward to seeing you in Calgary on February.

Limited speaking, sponsorship and exhibition opportunities still exist – email symon.rubens@energyconferencenetwork.com for more information.


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