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This event ran December 6-7, 2016 and has now finished.

An inside look at PG&E’s IoT Technology Demonstration Project: Grid Operations Situational Intelligence

Energy companies typically produce vast amounts of data on a daily (if not hourly) basis. However, managing petabytes of information and translating even a fraction of it comes with challenges – not least of which relate to legacy systems and limited interoperability between technologies.

At the same time, when new systems or initiatives are introduced, the business case and change management process become strategies all their own as stakeholders manage competing priorities.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as an innovative avenue for energy companies to harness massive data volumes, as well as improve staff response times for spontaneous anomalies across their networks.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is one of several major companies to embrace IoT technology, having done a technology demonstration of a Grid Operations Situational Intelligence (GOSI) platform to enable real-time analysis of different datasets.









GOSI interface, courtesy of Tom Martin

Ahead of IoT & Big Data Analytics for Utilities 2016, Tom Martin, Manager, Emerging Technologies – Grid Analytics at PG&E, shares exclusive insight into how the GOSI project was developed to incorporate and visualize multiple datasets.

Download the full case study here: An inside look at PG&E’s IoT Technology Demonstration Project: Grid Operations Situational Intelligence

You can learn more about:

  • Getting stakeholder buy-in by identifying use cases for each business unit and factoring them into the early design process
  • Enabling end users to customize the way data is visualized (such as the ability to add layers of information from multiple datasets)
  • Supporting California’s carbon reduction efforts by integrating residential solar data into the GOSI platform




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