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This event ran March 15, 2017 and has now finished.

IoT in Oil and Gas Masterclass


Hotel Indigo Houston at the Galleria

The IoT in Oil and Gas Masterclass has been meticulously designed to give technology and operations managers within the oil and gas sector an overview of the Internet of Things, and how it can positively impact multiple parts of the business.

Led by one of the foremost oil and gas technology experts, Dave Lafferty, the masterclass will lead attendees through the A-Z of the technology, applications and objectives of implementation.

In only one day, attendees will gain insight that will help them add significant value to the evaluation implementation and operations of new technology in their business.

Whether you are a Data Scientist at an E&P company, a cybersecurity manager at a refinery or a business development manager at an automation company, this workshop will be a fantastic addition to your training schedule.


  • Get a firm understanding of the Internet of Things and its various components
  • Learn from real-world oil and gas case studies
  • Understand key enabling technologies and how they fit in the overall ecosystem
  • Learn about potential implementation challenges and how to overcome them
  • Discover how to integrate the Internet of Things with legacy technology


What our Attendees have said about our past IoT events

“I think as a service company we talk a lot with our customers – upstream oil and gas operators – but we don’t always talk a lot with other players in the IoT space. Data partners, sensor companies, hardware companies, generally it’s nice to attend these conferences to see that side of the business more, understand that side of the business more. Because that goes into our thinking when we start building these solutions for our customers. So networking’s great, and hearing stories and case studies from other parts of the IoT/OT cloud landscape is certainly very valuable.” – Ian Brown, Senior Manager, Baker Hughes

“It was a great conference.  I enjoyed the content and made some nice connections.” – Dr. Cory Steffek, Managing Director, North America, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

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