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This event ran June 29, 2016 and has now finished.

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Chairperson opening remarks

Philip Camp, Vice President, Energy, Metals & Mining Industries, EMEA
Hitachi Consulting

Big Data and Analytics


Data management: Bridging the gap between data capture, processing, storing and delivery

  • Improving data standardization and interoperability
  • Ensuring data availability
  • Taking the application to the data, not vice versa

Dr. Alan Smith, Principal Consultant


Reservoir Monitoring - 24x7: how we can use IoT to improve our efficiency in predicting reservoir performance:

  • Production downtime reduction
  • Using smart sensors to better utilize rig time
  • Analytics applied to a variety of physics-based data at once—seismic, drilling, and production data to help reservoir engineers and production engineers achieve maximum production efficiency


Morning break and networking


Delivering business value in MOL refineries with predictive analytics and business analyses

  • Yield improvement
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Derivative Flare validation (decrease hydrocarbon loss)
  • Natural Gas Forecasting
  • High Temperature Hydrogen Attack and other Integrity Operating Window checking
  • Operation envelopes
  • Coke yield and steam eruption analyses (in Delay Coker unit)

Tibor Komróczki, Head of Process Information and Automation
MOL Group


Effective data and information management: streamlining the upstream oil & gas target operating model

  • Cutting costs
  • Adding value
  • Achieving operational excellence

Richard Taylor, Upstream Data and Information Management
Maersk Oil

IoT innovation and implementation


Systems of action – transforming operational events into feasible actions

  • Underpinn the rationale and motivation for the Statoil “system of action” approach and explore in context of IoT in O&G.
  • Explore what has changed from the mastodons of the past to the autonomous concept of the subsea factory, and what are the effects of becoming a software dependent industry.
  • Ask better questions and reflect on the bigger issues related to the true impacts of becoming a software dependent industry. What must then be in place, and what to do to succeed.

Einar Landre, Leading Analyst IT COO CIT DIG
Statoil Norway


Networking lunch


Unified Communication – Applying Innovation

  • Evolution of Voice: The Skills Gap
  • Business Case using Microsoft Unified Communication
  • Practical Considerations: Is UC fit for your Business?
  • Positive Change: How UC can benefit Oil & Gas in the current climate.

Ewan Waugh, Owner/Enterprise Project Manager
E-WAN Networks Ltd


Cultivating a technology driven corporate culture: Through harnessing new and emerging technology for IoT. Cultural and social aspects that can lead to some serious blind spots

  • Technology is no longer a support function, it is core to the adaptability of organisations.
  • Research on the benefits of cultivating a conducive organisational environment for fostering innovative behaviours
  • Key cultural capabilites that are key for supporting and sustaining innovation that comes from IoT applications in the oil and gas industry

Yekemi Otaru, Founder & Principal Strategist
YO! Marketing


Afternoon tea/networking break


Smart Energy Solutions: Gain valuable insights from IoT

  • Smart Energy solutions provide connected intelligence; provide insights to support better decision making; increase productivity; lower cost of operations; streamline business processes.
  • Smart energy solutions enable the management of energy monitoring of supply and demand and provide a cost effective energy mix.
  • How companies can gain extra value from IoT and digital transformation.

Dr. Markus Hartwig, Smart Energy
Hitachi Consulting


IOT Big Data and App Stores: turning the usual models on their head so that everyone wins.

  • What is the size of the prize
  • Compressor downtime and well production optimisation case study
  • Why do Operators, Service Providers and app developers all win?
  • What are the barriers to success?
  • Why we all have to move past competition and get collaborating.

Steve Aitken, Consultant Director
Intelligent Plant Ltd


Chairman’s closing remarks and close of conference