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This event ran September 16 -17, 2015 and has now finished.

*Please note: This is a draft program. Times and topics are subject to change

Morning Session

8:00 am

Registration and coffee

9:00 am

Welcome from the Chairperson: Practical guide to the industrial Internet of Things in oil and gas operations: Stripping away the hype.

  • What is the impact to the oil and gas world?
  • How can we leverage the benefits of the industrial IoT?
  • What are some examples of the industrial IoT in oil and gas?

Dave Lafferty, President
Scientific Technical Services

9:30 am

Beyond the Hype: Becoming a Digital Business with IoT

It’s a thrilling time to be in the technology business and to be a business leader that can leverage the power and value of this technology. The confluence of big data, advanced analytics and cloud computing is delivering unprecedented insight and value across all industries, with powerful new tools, such as the Azure Cloud Platform, Azure IoT Suite, Cortana Analytics and HoloLens  to help transform data into intelligent action and reinvent business processes.

In this session, we will show how to better harness data to deliver insights by connecting people, processes and assets.  Come see how today’s Internet of Things enables you to leverage existing investments, enabling innovation and creating new efficiencies and new revenue sources. Get a glimpse of where and how the technology trends are leading towards ambient/perceptive intelligence, as we progress closer to achieving fully Connected Enterprises and extended value chains

Juan Perez, Principal Program Manager
Azure IoT

10:00 am

Morning break and networking

Big Data

10:30 am

Challenges and Solutions in deploying a robust and future proof IoT solution in the oilfield

  • Gathering data from Hydraulic Fracturing equipment and transmitting it to the cloud.
  • Challenges in interpreting data from the well site.
  • Aligning IT, automation, engineering, and operations to effectively capture and mine valuable data

Blake Burnette, Director of Equipment Research and Development
Baker Hughes

11:00 am

Applications of data collected through the IoT

The IoT is a game-changer opening the Systems Engineer and the Data Scientist to the O&G Development Teams. Upstream, mid-stream, and downstream segments of the market are confronted by the big question “Now what?” Mark Reynolds will discuss the ramifications of IoT to the application of Systems Engineering process for O&G Development teams. Particular attention will be given to the methodology of IoT application and the challenges of the Learning Organization

Mark Reynolds, Senior Solutions Architect Technical E&P Applications
Southwestern Energy

12:15 pm


1:15 pm

Big Data and IoT in Oil and Gas Industry: Future forces for innovation

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT’s) will impact multiple areas of upstream oil and gas industry. This impact will add more complexity to the existing Big Data in this industry. In this talk, Dr. Priyadarshy will present which pillars of Big Data one can leverage to generate value, innovation for future oil fields

Chaminda Peries, Sr. Development Manager, Production and Drilling Operations

1:45 pm

Let’s Get Practical: How telemetry provides the intelligent simplicity needed to get started with IoT at the well site

  • Start small with a low-risk investment
  • Connect both portable and fixed assets
  • Transmit only what matters
  • Enable new business relationships

Len Auer, Manager of Marketing and Strategic Planning
ZTR Control Systems

Remote Monitoring and IoT Solutions

2:15 pm

IoT Deployment: The challenges of designing, deploying, and managing wireless IoT solutions

  • IoT solutions for operators exploring and producing in remote and hazardous areas

Rick Harlow, Global Vice President of M2M & IOT Solutions

2:45 pm

Afternoon break and networking

3:15 pm

Exploration and Production of the Digital EcoSystem

  • Explore the digital transformation occurring in our businesses and the impact to our organizations.
  • Early adoptions of IOT and the opportunity for improved capital efficiencies in converting data to business knowledge.
  • The digital foundations and steps necessary to achieve our high expectations of Industry 4.0 .
  • Reviewing the project and facility challenges of stakeholder data consumption and production in realizing business benefit.

Randy Williams, Independent Expert
Worley Parsons

3:45 pm

Transitioning from Satellite to Cellular: Challenges of establishing a service offering the capability necessary for the 21st century oilfield

  • Cellular conundrum: Brief overview of cellular as it relates to the oil field
  • Cellular capabilities: What’s really under the hood
  • Cellular coverage: 3G,4G and LTE in a global infrastructure
  • Cellular challenges: If given an inch, how to take a mile

Barry Clark, Manager, Global Field Connectivity Service Center
Baker Hughes

4:15 pm

Chairperson Closing Remarks

WORKSHOP: Game changers for the Energy Industry

4:30 pm

IoT and Big Data Analytics

The Energy industry worldwide is undergoing a tectonic shift. Value perceived by the customer is shifting from engineering of the asset to digitization/ intelligence embedded in the asset. How can you prepare for the future?

Key benefits of attending:
• Learn what others are doing in IoT.
• Hear practical real life case studies and use cases impacting asset life outcomes, cost optimization and operational risk outcomes
• Get practical tips from practitioners

Derick Jose, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist
Rick Harlow, Global Vice President of M2M & IOT Solutions

Morning Session

8:00 am

Morning coffee

8:50 am

Chairperson opening remarks

Dave Lafferty, President
Scientific Technical Services


The Core of IoT: Delivering Data Driven Insights and Intelligent Actions

Beyond connecting devices to IT systems, the real value of IoT lies in the near real-time insights derived from ever-increasing data volumes, velocity and variety.  The Internet of Things does not need to be complicated. Even a few critical pieces of information uncovered at the right time and shared with the right people can optimize business processes, drive more informed decisions, identify new revenue opportunities, and predict customer and partner behaviors in ways previously unimagined.

Operations Excellence programs in the O&G Industry are benefitting from IoT capabilities for activities such as predictive maintenance, production optimization, customer service, asset performance management, equipment health monitoring and optimization, and integrated asset models.  Discover how you can harness this technology for your business, too.

Randy Hoppe, Industry Director for Manufacturing
Prabal Acharyya, Director
IoT Alliances And One Microsoft AT OSIsoft

9:30 am

IoT for the Upstream Oil and Gas: A case study

This case study will look into how National Oilwell Varco, the largest builder of drilling equipment, deployed Smart Asset technology allowing them to learn from the machines. This case study will explore how NOV adopted and created new technologies to increase internal reliability.

Ashe Menon, Vice President Manufacturing
National Oilwell Varco

10:00 am

Real time analytics and drilling optimization

  • Pitfall in the real time analytics in the dynamic analysis during drilling
  • Capacity to monitor activity as opposed to analysis
  • Drilling analytics vs Drilling analysis

Dr. Robello Samuel, Chief Technical Advisor

10:30 am

Break and networking

11:00 am

Connected Barrels: Transforming Oil and Gas Strategies with the IoT

In the current low-price environment, oil and gas companies are realizing the potential benefits of the growing connections between machines, facilities, fleets, networks, and even people—referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). This connection can optimize operations, minimize risks, and create new sources of revenue. Deloitte provides a new analytical framework for addressing industry challenges and strategies for unlocking the business value of connected devices.

Greg Bean, Director
Deloitte Consulting LLP

11:30 am

The potential of the IoT: How will it change our business lives

  • Which technology changes are enabling the IIoT?
  • Why is the IIoT different from traditional industrial systems integration such as SCADA, M2M and CIM?
  • How will the IIoT be justified and implemented?

Steve Jennis, Corporate VP and Head of Global Marketing
ADLINK Technology & contributor for the Industrial Internet Consortium

12:30 pm

IoT in Action: Delivering Greater Business Value in Oil & Gas

A Working Lunch Facilitated by Microsoft

The Internet of Things is here today, and it’s a practical and applicable technology trend that is already generating return on investment for many enterprises.  In this session, prominent Microsoft Partners will share their IoT solutions, including O&G customer case studies that showcase the new capabilities and business value gained from the applications.  These presentations will be followed by an open Q&A session, where attendees can direct questions to any and all presenters in a panel discussion format.

Prabal Acharyya, Director
IoT Alliances And One Microsoft AT OSIsoft
Rahul Garg, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Kyle Kelin,
Ian Brown, Sr. Mgr. Integrated Production Solutions
Baker Hughes
Luis Gamboa,
Jeffrey Bassett,
Waqar Shaik,
David Mount,
Element Analytics

2:30 pm

Afternoon break and networking

3:15 pm

Giving Your Machines a Voice: How Oil & Gas companies are using IoT to minimize downtime and maximize profits

  • How are oil & gas companies using IoT today? (a couple real-world examples)
  • How is IoT impacting safety, machine reliability, and profits?
  • Biggest obstacles facing & lesson learned implementing IoT within Oil & Gas companies.

Ben Lawrence, VP of Sales
KCF Technologies

Cyber Security

3:15 pm

IoT end-to-end cyber security

  • IoT solutions to address unique IoT cyber security challenges
  • Incorporating both new and pre-existing edge devices into the solution
  • Tying devices from end-to-end into the overall cyber security picture

Timothy Skutt, Director, Security Portfolio
Wind River

3:45 pm

How IoT is changing and challenging IT security

  • Threat assessment: IoT ‘s challenges
  • Risk management: 9 questions you need to ask
  • Cyber Security in the age of IoT and corporate culture

Christoph Eicken, Executive Director
Value Guard Consulting

4:15 pm

Developing a cyber-security management strategy

  • Threat intelligence, monitoring and analysis, and incident response

Catherine Cavazos, Data Security Manager
National Oilwell Varco

Safety and IoT Solutions

4:45 pm

Creating a strategic and effective HSSE roadmap utilizing the IoT

  • How is the latest wearable technology increasing production and safety in a smaller workforce environment?

Nathan Klarer, Chief Executive Officer
Bridgecrest Medical

5:15 pm

End of Conference Drink Reception