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This event ran September 14-15, 2016 and has now finished.

We are currently accepting submissions for the 2017 IoT in Oil and Gas conference, which will take place on September 13 to 14.

Visit www.iotinoilandgas.com or please contact:

Melissa Zerber | Conference Producer
Energy Conference Network
+1 (832) 709-0112

7:30 am

Registration and coffee

8:45 am

Opening Remarks and Introductory Presentation - What is the Internet of Things?

  • How is the IIoT different from IoT
  • Key benefits of IIoT implementation
  • Business models for IIoT
  • New developments in IIoT

Dave Lafferty, President
Scientific Technical Services

9:15 am

Empowering the Oil and Gas Industry to Achieve More

  • Improve productivity in the production process and the supply chain
  • How IoT and related technologies have the potential to transfrom the supply chain and produce bottom line results in global productivity

In this session Microsoft will present their vision for an IoT platform that specifically addresses the challenges of oil and gas companies and the key components of this platform. There will be examples of key projects with the largest oil and gas companies in the world, how Microsoft IoT platform and its partners was utilized to deliver value to the industry.

Kadri Umay, CTO, Process Manufacturing and Resources

9:45 am

Keynote presentation - Never Ending Progress: The Master Resource in the Hands of the Ultimate Resource

In this presentation, Kathleen will discuss the future of fossil fuels, and the role technology is playing in shrinking mankind’s carbon footprint and mankind’s physical footprint. She will examine the trajectory for fossil-fueled energy is toward more efficient, cleaner, smaller, and more ordered technology.

Kathleen Hartnett White, Distinguished Senior Fellow-in-Residence and Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment
Texas Public Policy Foundation

10:15 am

Morning break and networking

10:45 am

Using machine learning, IoT and Big Data to re-write the energy industry.

  • Leveraging big data and IoT as tools for a re-write
  • Enhancing oil well operations through machine learning

Nav Dhunay, CEO

11:25 am

From Dumb Iron to Smart Iron

  • With a significant number of oil and gas companies ready to embrace IIoT solutions, the market is ripe for disruption, especially with sensor pricing expected to drop
  • Significant opportunities exist to provide simplified access to information and potential opportunities to de-man platforms leveraging real-time remote monitoring
  • By using sensors that can see, feel, smell, and hear downhole to detect defects or breaches , supplemented by the use of autonomous scouts to provide 24/7 remote monitoring, organizations can effectively put in place an immediate first line of defense from equipment failure, hazardous conditions, and environmental impacts
  • Integrated asset information platforms that aggregate sensor data, operations data, and geospatial data in an analytic engine, to provide real time alerts using event based logic to enable immediate action based on data generated from sensors

Damon Vaccaro, Principal Oil & Gas, Technology Strategy & Architecture
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Greg Mitchell, Project Director Upstream Oil & Gas
Deloitte Consulting LLP

11:55 am

Presentation by Kore Wireless

Ken Connor, Director, Enterprise Sales
Kore Wireless

12:25 pm

Lunch - Sponsored by SparkCognition

1:25 pm

Panel: Solving Implementation challenges

  • Who should drive the implementation – the roles of technology and operations units
  • Developing a clear value proposition
  • Comparing solutions – ‘packaged solutions’ versus a component approach
  • Implementing data standards
  • Mitigating implementation risk

Dave Lafferty, President
Scientific Technical Services
Carl Stjernfeldt, North American Venture Manager
Shell Technology Ventures
Jana Schey, Chief Operating Officer
Paul Turner, Chief Marketing Officer
Kiet Tran, Data Management Lead, Upstream Workflow Transformation and Tech Expert Software Engineering

2:05 pm

Leveraging an OT Data Object Model to Enable Strategic Business Value from IOT and Analytics

  • Leveraging a real-time OT data object model as best practice in IOT
  • User cases in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas
  • Defining the real-time OT data object model, the capabilities provided, and how the use supports the vision of IOT, advanced analytics, and business value

Craig Harclerode, Global O&G and Industrial Chemicals Business Development Executive
Ales Soudek, Global Solutions Architect

2:35 pm

Leveraging the cloud and model based analytics to optimize upstream oil and gas assets

  • Understand asset performance using real-time model based analytics
  • Blending data with models to understand performance within changing subsurface changing environment
  • How IoT and cloud concepts have been applied to manage ‘Smart Well’ Completions
  • IoT, Cloud and the way forward in Digital Oilfields

Ian Brown, Sr. Mgr. Integrated Production Solutions
Baker Hughes

2:55 pm

Panel: Cybersecurity and IoT today and how should operators stay ahead of the curve

Craig Harclerode, Global O&G and Industrial Chemicals Business Development Executive
Daniel R. Crandell, Manager of Cyber Security and Maintenance
Enterprise Products
Catherine Pye, Principal Consultant
Peter Thomas, Chief Technology Officer
Blue Lance

3:30 pm

Afternoon networking break

4:00 pm

Open-source software in drilling: Delivering data science in real-time from the Gulf of Mexico

  • Reliably delivering data from drill-ships based equipment operating in remote regions of the world to their staff data scientist on shore
  • Addressing the challenges inherent in collecting data from remote operations over intermittently available and highly latent networks
  • Reducing HSE risks, increasing operational efficiencies, and reducing unplanned downtime

Kenneth Smith, General Manager, Oil & Gas
Wade Salazar, Solutions Engineer

4:30 pm

Cognitive IoT

  • What the Watson IoT platform can do IoT do for oil and gas
  • Accelerating time to value through Digitization
  • Remote Management use cases

Ash Zaheer, Associate Partner
IBM - Global Business Services

5:00 pm

Panel: Advancements in real time monitoring and surveillance to improve visibility and safety

  • How the IoT is enabling better simulation data and 3D visualization
  • The future of drones in field surveillance and drone collected data
  • Advances in wearable technology and improving safety through augmented reality

Oliver Gruner, Director of Cloud Business Development
Robert Forget, CTO
Aware 360
Philippe Flichy, Founder & CEO
Damon Vaccaro, Principal Oil & Gas, Technology Strategy & Architecture
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Robert Ziegler, Global Director of Well Control

5:45 pm

Closing remarks and conference close

5:45 pm - 6:45 pm

Drinks reception sponsored by Ambyint

7:30 am

Registration and coffee

8:45 am

Opening remarks

Dave Lafferty, President
Scientific Technical Services

Operations optimization

9:00 am

Now What? Turning Data into Action for Oil and Gas

  • You’ve invested in the ecosystem. You’re seeing the data. How do you actually leverage this data into insights that drive real business value and influence key KPIs?

Chad Modad, Chief Innovation Officer

9:30 am

Optimizing Upstream Operations with Industrial IoT System Architectures

  • Two Upstream optimization case studies: Drilling Rig Automation & Monitoring; Reservoir Operation Optimization
  • How Industrial Internet of Things system architectures enable both solutions
  • The reference architectures from the Industrial Internet Consortium and OpenFog Consortium – progress towards a cross-industry IIoT

Brett Murphy, Director of Business Development

10:00 am

Morning networking break

10:30 am

Maximizing equipment uptime with a complete IoT strategy in the world of Oil & Gas,

  • Discover how Internet of Things (IoT) technology applies to the future of the Oil & Gas industry from the perspectives of exploration, production and pipeline operations.
  • Go beyond remote diagnostics by applying real-time logic to equipment data, providing accurate information when it is needed most.
  • Improve uptime by leveraging predictive failure analytics, identifying potential problems before they impact the business.
  • Reduce repair times by leveraging data-driven diagnostics, automating root cause analysis and improving first time repair rates.

Accomplishing these objectives requires more than just simple data connectivity and analytics.  A complete IoT strategy factors in all the necessary components to turn insights into action, ultimately integrating into business processes and workflows.

Dave McCarthy, Senior Director of Products

11:00 am

Presentations from Innovation Partners

  • Senslytics
  • OutSystems
  • Workforce Alpha
  • Kepware

Rabindra Chakraborty, Ph.D., President
Senslytics Corporation
Mike Hughes, Director and Product Evangelist
John Sturdivant, CEO & Founder
Steve Sponseller, Business Director, Oil & Gas
Kepware Technologies

12:00 pm

Panel: The future of IoT and the Industry - Where are we headed?


Jesse DeMesa, Venture Partner
Momenta Partners
Nav Dhunay, CEO
Ash Zaheer, Associate Partner
IBM - Global Business Services
Stuart Gillen, Director of Business Development
Spark Cognition
Louis Albanese, Principal
Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV)
Sridhar Panuganti, CEO

12:45 pm

Networking lunch

Microsoft Session

2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Microsoft's "Executive Insights: The Impact of Digital and IoT in Oil & Gas"

For more information on this free, half-day session by Microsoft, including how to apply for registration, please click here

Afternoon Session hosted by Energy Conference Network: The Impact of the Industrial IoT on O&G Vendors: OEMs, SIs, Service Companies. Revolutionary or business-as-usual?

2:00 pm

Opening remarks

Arun Bhargava, Business Development
Strategy and Marketing Expert

2:00 pm

Is there a channel-to-market bottleneck for Industrial IoT technologies (in O&G)?

  • How will the traditional OT vendors embrace the Industrial IoT?
  • Will the traditional IT vendors push their systems to the “Edge”?
  • How will the industrial systems integrator channel have to evolve?
  • How will end users source Industrial IoT technologies?
  • Is the oil company versus service company structure of the O&G sector conducive to Industrial IoT deployment?
  • Will new vendors emerge or the traditional vendors still dominate in the Industrial IoT world?
  • How will smaller, more agile, more entrepreneurial vendors fare versus the traditional giant suppliers in O&G IIoT?
  • Is the O&G sector ripe for vendor restructuring (e.g. Apple destroying Nokia with iPhone)?

Steve Jennis, Corporate VP and Head of Global Marketing
ADLINK Technology & contributor for the Industrial Internet Consortium

2:40 pm

Selling to the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Understand how selling to the Oil and Gas Industry is different than any other and exploring the unique challenges
  • What are the tactics that work
  • How to get out of the IT RFP trap

Mark LaCour, Director
Modalpoint LLC

3:40 pm

Sustaining IoT Applications through metadata management

  • Open standard web registry service to manage IoT metadata and ensure sustainability
  • Registry assigns global ID to all IoT devices
  • Supports device life cycle status management
  • Supports metadata for measured data analytics
  • Eliminates master data management problems

Ron Lake, President
Galdos Systems