Event Closed

This event ran August 14-16, 2017 and has now finished.

We are currently working with ISAGEN and EPM to prepare the third day site visit, which will include a visit to the 2016 National Engineering Award winning Carlos Lleras Restrepo Hydroelectric Plant in Antioquia.

Located in the picturesque valley just outside Medellín and close to the town of Barbosa, this innovative project uses the water from the Medellín river to generate energy in a sustainable and efficient manner. The plant was the first private lead project to receive the country’s most prestigious engineering award, and will provide an excellent case study for discussion and exploration.

The site visit will leave around 10am from the event hotel on Wednesday 16 August and return in the early afternoon.

The full agenda for the site visit will be confirmed in the coming weeks, and attendees will be invited to reserve their place.