Event Closed

This event ran August 14-16, 2017 and has now finished.

Hydro LatAm 2017 will bring together hydro energy leaders from across South and Central America, as well as experts from the United States and Europe to identify the strategies and solutions to drive the industry forward.

This year’s event will provide the perfect opportunity for the following organizations to collaborate, exchange experiences and deliver successful projects:


  • Policy makers will be able to learn from the experiences of their counterparts in other countries, helping to deliver cost-effective, reliable projects that will deliver long-term returns.


  • National utilities companies can work with operators and project stakeholders at all levels to ensure the successful completion of projects and lead the implementation of best practice strategies

Project Owners

  • Project owners can learn about the experiences of other projects in the region, present details of their successes and learn about the technology that they can deploy to save money and ensure safe, successful completion.

EPC Contractors

  • Hydro LatAm 2017 will feature presentations from key decision makers on their proposed future projects, this means EPC contractors will have the perfect opportunity to meet with potential contractors and understand future opportunities.

Engineering Firms

  • Engineering firms at Hydro LatAm 2017 will meet with project leaders, contractors and all project stakeholders, allowing them to build relationships with future partners and share details of previous successful projects.


  • In Latin America, the input of experienced, qualified consultants on major, expensive projects is key. This year’s event will provide a platform for the valuable input of the region’s key project consultants, and allow them to secure contracts on future constructions.


  • With many new projects under development every year in the region and backed by governments, there is great potential for private investors and the development of Public-Private Partnerships. Hydro LatAm 2017 will provide a clear insight into the potential lucrative projects and will help build those initial relationships, that can turn into lucrative partnerships.

Equipment Suppliers

  • Innovative, reliable, cost-effective technology is a must for any successful project. Hydro LatAm 2017 will provide a platform for the region’s project managers and leaders to compare available solutions and work together to decide what technology will become industry standard moving forward.

Technology companies that are serious about establishing themselves in the region must consider involvement at this year’s event.

You will spend three days with key decision makers and you can ensure your solutions are discussed onsite and considered moving forward.

To find out more about participating organisations and how you can use Hydro LatAm 2017 to win new business, then please get in contact:

Symon Rubens
Phone: +1 (855) 709-0098