Event Closed

This event ran August 14-16, 2017 and has now finished.


If you would like to propose a presentation for this year’s event or you would like to recommend a key organization, then please get in touch:

Symon Rubens, CEO
Energy Conference Network
Phone: +1 (855) 709-0098



8:00 am


9:00 am

Conference Introduction

  • Energy Conference Network opening remarks
  • Overview of the agenda for the three days event

9:15 am

Mayoral keynote address

  • Government commitments to support the development of sustainable energy in the state of Antioquia
  • Future hydro energy projects that the government is supporting in the region
  • Moves towards sustainable energy alternatives in the city of Medellin

Federico Gutiérrez, Mayor

9:30 am

Government Keynote Address

  • Colombian commitments for environmental sustainability
  • The role of hydro energy to achieve these goals
  • Government support for the expansion of hydro energy in Colombia

Minstry of Environment and Sustainable Development – Colombia ,

Luis Gilberto Murillo, Minister
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

10:00 am

Morning Networking Break

Hydro Innovations Session

10:45 am

Development of small and medium hydropower plants in Colombia

  • Stages in the development of a project: identification, feasibility and pre and licensing partner – Environmental
  • Experience in the development of the central and results to date
  • Construction, and operation and maintenance of power plants

Carlos Ramirez, President
HMV Ingenieros

11:15 am

Plant maintenance strategies and technology innovations

  • Key technology innovations in global hydro development
  • Nippon Koei project experiences in Latin America
  • Future hydro developments in the region

Andres Müller, Hydro Plant Planning Office and International Business Development
Nippon Koei
Martha Alzate, Operations Manager
Nippon Koei

11:45 pm

Plant maintenance strategies and technology innovations

  • Establishing clear imaging and data on plant condition
  • Utilising data to analyse situation and plan appropriate maintenance programs
  • Financial savings and improved security resulting for clear vision of plant condition

Alexei Bogdanovich, Director of Business Development - Latin America
Hibbard Inshore

12:15 pm

Networking Lunch

Hydro energy in Mexico & Central America

1:15 pm

Developing Mexico’s Hydro Energy Infrastructure

  • Key priorities to support the expansion of Mexico’s hydro capacity
  • Promoting long-term hydro energy development in Mexico
  • Requirements and opportunities for global industry leaders in Mexico

Luis Guillermo Pineda Bernal, National Commissioner
Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE Mexico)

1:45 pm

Hydro energy expansion in Panama

  • The Panama government’s commitment to supporting future hydro expansion
  • Key projects to expand hydro capacity in the country
  • Long term vision for the role of hydro within Panama’s hydro energy sector

Gladys H. Villarreal, Hydro Resource Resource Management Specialist
Ministry of the Environment - Panama

2:30 pm

Regulations and Environmental restrictions for Hydro Projects in Colombia

  • What are the requirements for delivering hydro projects in Colombia?
  • Key projects currently under development
  • Work of the CORNARE on future regional projects

Javier Parra Bedoya, Deputy Director of Natural Resources

3:15 pm

Afternoon Networking Break

Latin America Hydro Projects

4:00 pm

What are the challenges faced by Colombia’s energy generators?


  • How important will hydro energy be moving forward in Colombia?
  • How are generators working to maximise this potential?

    Key challenges and opportunities for Colombia’s hydro energy generators

Bayron Triana Arias, Environment & Regulations Director
ACOLEGEN (Colombian Association of Electric Energy Generators)

4:30 pm

Global Energy Projects and Distribution

  • The experiences of EDF as a major energy supplier
  • EDF supply chain and international presence
  • Growth of the organization in Latin America

5:00 pm

End of Day 1

8:00 am


9:00 am

Managing the environmental impact of major projects in Antioquia

  • What are the key environmental considerations when developing new projects
  • Process to ensure compliance of new projects and installations
  • Projections for hydro energy development moving forward

Ana Cecilia Herrera, Environmental Director

9:45 am

Key environmental challenges in Colombia and project suitability requirements

  • What are some of the key requirements for projects in Colombia?
  • How does ANLA work with key stakeholders to ensure successful project delivery?
  • What are some of the key consideration for new projects in Colombia?

Claudia Victoria Gonzalez Hernandez, Deputy of Permits and Procedures
ANLA – Autoridad Nacional de Licencias Ambientales

10:30 am

Morning Networking Break

Hydro Innovations Session

11:15 am

Development of the Carlos Lleras Restrepo Hydro Project

  • What was the key aim when preparing the project?
  • What technology was deployed to ensure the project was a success?
  • What has been the impact of the project?

Eduardo Lopera, General Manager

11:45 am

Developing and executing the multistage Penderisco project

  • What are the aims and objectives of the project?
  • How is phase one of the project progressing?
  • What are the requirements for future stages of the project

Juan Fernando Suaza, Director, Project Penderisco I

12:15 pm

Operation and Maintenance: Services to Optimise Your Centre

  • Key maintenance challenges faced by hydro centres
  • Strategies and deployments to help manage maintenance
  • Impact of effective maintenance on operations and costs

Beat Ristchard, General Manager
Andritz Hydro

12:45 pm

Networking Lunch

Expanding and upgrading Colombia’s hydro energy infrastructure

1:45 pm

Hydro energy as a sustainable alternative in Colombia

  • What it is potential for hydro as a source for public utilities in Colombia?
  • How is the Superintendencia working to realize this potential?
  • Expanding hydro as a source of energy in Colombia

José Fernando Plata, Delegate - Superintendent
Superintendencia de Servicios Públicos

2:15 pm

Upgrading and expanding hydro capacity in the city of Medellin

  • Key hydro projects in Antioquia to support hydro development
  • Expanding hydro energy as a source for the city of Medellin
  • Hydro modernization and upgrade projects in Antioquia

Wilson Chinchilla Herrera, Executive VP - Projects & Engineering
Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM)

2:45 pm

Developing projects and infrastructure to support hydro expansion in Colombia

  • Developing hydro energy capacity in Colombia
  • Key upgrades to existing infrastructure
  • New projects under development in Colombia

William Ángel Robledo, Hydro Development Director

3:15 pm

Afternoon Networking Break

4:00 pm

Hydro Energy as a cornerstone of the Antioquia development projects

  • Government support for hydro energy development in Colombia
  • New projects that will continue to expand the countries hydro energy infrastructure
  • Long-term vision for the future of Colombia’s energy sector

Dr. Mauricio Tobon Franco, General Manager
IDEA (Institute for the Development of Antioquia)

4:30 pm

End of Day 2