Event Closed

This event ran February 24-25, 2016 and has now finished.

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*Please note: This is a draft program and is subject to change.


8:00 am

Registration/Morning Coffee

9:00 am

Opening remarks from Conference Chair

9:15 am

Electricity Market Adjustments to Improve Efficacy

  • Need to adjust the architecture and design of the game market 20 years of operation
  • Measures to promote the use of generation sources with higher volatility ( PCH , FNCR ) is required
  • Fundamental provide greater market flexibility.

9:50 am

The role of hydro projects in Latin American capacity expansion

  • The hydropower potential in South America : A renewable resource available and usable
  • The role of hydropower in achieving sustainable electric expansion
  • The relationship between the price of hydrocarbons (oil – gas) and hydroelectricity : hydro generation as a major pla yer in the energy sovereignty
  • What hydro markets (countries) are the most promising ?

Carlos Alberto León Puerto, Specialist Design and Engineering of Projects

10:25 am

Morning break and networking

10:55 am

Evaluating the risks of investing in hydro projects in Latin America

  • Analyzing the risks and rewards of grid expansion – what risks are specific to the Latin American markets?
  • Political risk, market risk, operational risk, environmental risk – what returns are required?
  • Minimizing risks through partnerships with Government and experienced market participants
  • Lessons learnt from past challenges

Santiago Piedrahita, CEO
Linea Basica

11:30 am

Innovations in Hydropower construction technology and processes

  • Evaluating new technology and ideas from Asia, North America and Europe – what can Latin America learn?
  • Creating solutions to common hydro-facility construction issues
  • Overcoming challenges of construction in challenging conditions
  • Optimizing reservoir design

Miguel Angel Ontiveros Mollinedo, Hydrologist Engineer
Empresa Electrica Corani

12:00 pm


1:00 pm

Development of small and medium hydropower plants in Colombia

  • Stages in the development of a project: identification, feasibility and pre and licensing partner – Environmental
  • Experience in the development of the central and results to date
  • Construction, and operation and maintenance of power plants
  • Learned lessons

Carlos Ramirez, President
HMV Ingenieros
Lina María Arango, Power Generation Director
HMV Ingenieros

1:30 pm

Reviewing the risk in construction contracts

Renzo Javier Salazar Vallejo, Legal Counsel
Grupo Cobra

2:00 pm

Networking Break

2:45 pm

Meeting environmental and community responsibilities in the planning, construction and operation of hydropower facilities

  • Ensuring emergency preparedness for all potential circumstances
  • Creating a safety culture within the workforce
  • Surveillance and monitoring in remote locations
  • Working with local communities to ensure population safety
  • Minimizing the threats of water release incidents

Angela Montoya Holgin, President

3:45 pm

Charting the upsurge in Hydropower Development

  • Global status 2014
  • Technology and markets
  • Role of governments
  • Sustainability
  • Hydropower outlook
  • Opportunities

Jairo León García, Technical Secretary
World Energy Council - Colombia

4:15 pm

Hydropower Development and Supply of Power in Colombia

Daniel Rebolledo Delgado, Electrical Engineering Director

5:00 pm

Closing Remarks/Conference close

8:00 am

Morning Coffee/Registration

8:45 am

Opening remarks from Conference Chair

9:00 am

Country Snapshot - Colombia

Sandra Fonseca, Executive Energy Sector Expert

9:40 am

Country Snapshot - Peru

Juan Antonio Rozas, Country Manager
Statkraft Peru

10:20 am

Country Snapshot - Venezuela

Apolinar Marcano Leccia, President and CEO
Almarca Group International

11:00 am

Networking Break

11:30 am

Public- Private development of Hydropower Constructions Projects

Rodrigo Arenas Quintero, Director of Operations

12:00 pm

Innovative Solutions in Hydro by Walo Bertschinger AG

  • Bituminous Lining Systems for Hydraulic Structures

Cornelius Torkuhl, Civil Engineer
Walo Bertschinger AG

12:40 pm

Networking Lunch

1:40 pm

Understanding local market content and supporting our growth strategy by incorporating Asset Management practices from the Construction phase

  • Successful articulation between Asset Management and Construction Project Management, connecting these two worlds leveraging the knowledge of staff
  • Proposal growth strategy incorporating the replication process management models of a plant in service with high levels of performance (especially their strategies of reliability and operational excellence)
  • Best Practices from the construction of new plants in order to ensure an efficient, reliable and cost – risk balance optimal performance since its first year in service
  • The construction of the PCH Tunjita, a story full of synergies and integrations with the Central Chivor , from initial concept dual use of water resources, its conception , evaluation and construction

Mauricio Mendez, Director of Maintenance
AES Chivor

2:20 pm

Navigating the regulatory minefield

  • What are the most important legal considerations when evaluating hydro opportunities

Mauricio Gomez Machado, High Commissioner
Colombian Regulatory Commission for Energy and Gas (C.R.E.G.)

3:00 pm

Closing Remarks and extended Q&A