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This event ran September 7-8, 2016 and has now finished.

7-8 September 2016 – Panama City, Panama

Key speakers include:


After the success of our first edition of Hydropower Infrastructure Opportunities South America we are pleased to announce Hydropower Infrastructure Opportunities Mexico & Central America (HIOMACA).

Taking into account the renewable energy generation requirements in Mexico & Central America, the difficulty in acquiring financing, the ever increasing electricity demand of communities and the large hydroelectric projects planned and in construction, it is crucial that all stakeholders understand from the most experienced specialists in the field what are the real opportunities of hydroelectric power in the region.

HIOMACA will be the place where leaders of the Mexican and Central American power sector will converge next summer to discuss important topics such as:

  • Managing costs in areas of maintenance and construction
  • Evaluating the risks of investing in hydro projects in Central America
  • Innovating in hydropower construction technology and processes
  • Developing of small and medium hydropower plants in Mexico and Central America

At the same time, attendees will network with the best hydropower talent in Central America, capitalize on the opportunities and incentives that hydropower presents and walk away with practical solutions to real problems.


Costa Rica: 80 percent of its energy is from hydroelectric plants

Mexico: Mexico has committed to increase the share of renewables in total electricity generation to 25 percent, 35 percent and 40 percent by 2018, 2024 and 2035 respectively

Honduras:  33 percent (502 MW) of the installed capacity of the national interconnected system is hydro plants. There has been an intensive use of small- and medium-scale hydro energy, with 14 out of 16 existing hydro plants with capacity below 30 MW.

El Salvador: El Salvador is the country with the highest geothermal energy production in Central America. Total installed capacity in 2006 was 1,312 of which 36% is hydroelectric

Panama: Installed Capacity 869 MW PRODUCTION 372 ktoe PER YEAR

Belize: Installed Capacity 32 MW Production 13.8 ktoe PER YEAR

Nicaragua: Installed Capacity 105 MW

Source: World Energy Council

What they said about our Hydropower Infrastructure Opportunities South America conference:

“I would like to congratulate you because all the presentations from the speakers were very interesting and the logistics of the event was very good.  I think we should emphasize the use of the mobile application as it was very useful for times and to review the presentations.” -DAIRO VIZCAÍNO, INGETEC


“The event was very complete, as could be seen from different viewpoints, organizational and geographical landscape development and short- and long- term hydro- energy in Latin America. As for the logistics the organization of the event was very good.”– JHARRISON PRADA VILLEGAS, ISAGEN


“This type of event is very important for the Colombian electricity sector, the event helped us make contacts for future participation of EMCALI in hydroelectric projects and to have firsthand information about the condition of hydroelectric generation in Colombia sector in Latin America.” – OMAR EDUARDO ARANGO SANTAMARIA, ENERGY MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR, EMCALI

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