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Doubling Down on Digital Webinar
Our expert panel discussed how oil and gas companies should be using digital technology to survive the dual shocks of COVID-19 and falling oil prices. The panelists included:

  • Geoffrey Cann, Creator of Digitally Ready Talent,
  • Jim Claunch, Senior Advisor, Bain and Company
  • Jim Lawnin, Managing Partner, BBL Ventures

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Digital Reliability:24/7 Real-Time Machinery Diagnostics, courtesy of DYNAMICS Scientific Production Center
Presenter: Andrey V. Kostyukov, President
It is well-known that the primary costs and losses in petroleum refining come from sudden failures of equipment. The Real-Time Diagnostic COMPACS System is the only monitoring system in the world whose AI utilizes a wide range of non-destructive methods and provides real-­time diagnostics of rotating and fixed equipment.
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Digital Transformation Barriers to Adoption in Upstream O&G, courtesy of Philippe Flichy, Digital Transformation Advisor
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Flowserve Whitepaper: Three Steps to Unlocking the Benefits of Monitoring Rotating Equipment
Advancements in asset health management and predictive analytics have created tremendous excitement within the fluid motion and control industry. This technical article explores what’s possible with these emerging technologies as well as the steps required to implement these tools effectively.
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IBM Whitepaper: Using Machine Learning to Optimize Oil Refining
Read how IBM is fueling the future in oil & gas and how operational efficiency is the new normal.
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ICONICS Whitepaper: IOTWORX – IoT Automation Software Solution
Read how IoTWorx is a complete IoT automation software solution
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Fero Labs Whitepaper: Industrial Machine Learning for Oil Refining
Current data analytics software struggles to solve the process improvement challenges facing modern industrial companies. Fero Labs was founded by a group of machine learning and industry experts to bridge this gap.
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