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This event ran February 14-15, 2017 and has now finished.



8:00 am


8:50 am

Welcome from the Chair

Dave Lafferty, President
Scientific Technical Services

9:00 am

Bridging the Gaps to Reaching Opportunities for Tech Companies in the Energy Sector

Mike Biddle, Managing Director
Evok Innovations

9:40 am

How IoT Can Help Canadian Oil Remain Competitive in Today’s Market?

  • Future of O&G in Sub $50dpb Price Regime
  • Working on new developments
  • Edge computing – challenges and opportunities
  • Low power wide area networks such as LoRa and 5G

Dave Lafferty, President
Scientific Technical Services

10:20 am

Morning Networking Break

11:00 am

Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • Innovation in difficult times
  • Evolution of O&G industry
  • Is IoT another evolutionary step?
  • How intelligent rigs are changing the industry

Kevin Krausert, President
Beaver Drilling

11:40 am

How to Save Money and Increase Output – A Technological Perspective?

  • Can E&P companies engineer their way out of volatile prices or do they need to think efficiency rather than engineering?
  • Making data readily available to engineers in unified, workable formats

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Chief Data Scientist

12:20 pm

Maximize equipment uptime with a complete IoT strategy

Kevin Walsh, Vice President - Marketing
Bsquare Corporation

1:00 pm

Networking Lunch

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2:00 pm

Understanding the Effects of Sensing, Latency and Data quality on Drilling Optimisation and Control

  • Standards for sensor specifications
  • Minimal sensing requirements and data transfer standards
  • An overview of sensing mechanics and data acquisition and its relevance to data quality and analytics

Dr. Roman Shor, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Schulich School of Engineering UofC

2:30 pm

IoT - Enhancing Plant Reliability and Mechanical Availability

  • Improving plant reliability and efficiency
  • Is equipment availability the same as reliability?

Victor E. Itulua, Manager - Maintenance

3:00 pm

Case Study - How Can IoT Make Mid-Stream O&G More Efficient?

  • IoT, Big Data for mid-stream businesses to make them more efficient and profitable
  • Analytics services for mid-stream operations data

Stuart Payne, Senior Solution Architect
Gibson Energy

3:30 pm

Afternoon Networking Break

3:50 pm

Presentation by Avanade

Charles Finstad, Western Canada Director

4:20 pm

Leveraging Technology in the Energy Business

  • How to leverage technology to make business efficient
  • Key lessons to remember when implementing technology initiatives

Charles Iggulden, President
Infinity Energy

5:00 pm

Closing remarks

5:10 pm

Close of Conference

5:15 pm

Drinks Reception

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8:50 am

Opening Remarks from the Chair

Dave Lafferty, President
Scientific Technical Services

9:00 am

Keynote - Digital Disruption in Oil and Gas

  • Can traditional Canadian oil and gas companies become digital and analytical giants?
  • Digital- Physical integration – Real-time application like data analytics for oil recovery for real-time critical decisions

Ian MacGregor, Chairman and CEO
NW Refining Inc.

9:40 am

Industrial IoT with Open Source Technologies

Lessons from Using Deep-Learning on Time-Series Data

Kenneth Smith, General Manager, Oil & Gas
Viswanath Avasarala, CEO
Saint Software Consultants

10:20 am

Morning Networking Break

10:50 am

Connect Everything: Operational ROI for your Mobile Assets

  • Profiling 3 use cases for the future of connected assets
  • IoT Cloud and the way forward in Digital Oilfields
  • Creating ‘smart’ operations and integrating them into your legacy systems
  • Leveraging advanced analytics for predictive trends

Ted Duffield, CRO
Trakopolis IoT Corp

11:30 am

Upstream O&G Assets

  • Understand asset performance using real-time model based analytics
  • Blending data with models to understand performance within changing subsurface environment
  • Hot IoT and Cloud concepts have been applied to manage Smart Well completions
  • IoT, Cloud and the way forward in Digital Oilfields

Ian Brown, Sr. Mgr. Integrated Production Solutions
Baker Hughes

12:10 pm

Machine Learning Automation and Democratization in Oil & Gas

  • Market-trends in analytics & predictive analytics
  • The value of automated machine learning
  • Machine learning use case examples in Oil & Gas

David Russell, Regional Vice President - Sales (West)

12:30 pm

Grassroots IoT: Small $$, BIG Impact

Laurent Brigdan, Co-Founder
Exterra Monitoring

1:10 pm

Networking Lunch

2:30 pm

Q&A With Operators – How is IoT Changing O&G Industry

  • Leveraging a Cloud Based Environment for Real Time Data
  • Building a new platform – journey from planning to implementation
  • What is Devon doing with the PI System and the Cloud
  • What does the future hold?

Jorge Wong, Lead Systems Analyst
Devon Energy
Kent Smith, Director, Innovation & Technology
Tundra Oil & Gas

3:00 pm

Panel - Using Machine Learning, IoT and Big Data to Re-write the Energy Industry

  • Replacing old knowledge with new insight
  • Are IoT and Big Data best use of dollars in low oil price regime?
  • Is tech environment agile enough?
  • Cost of automation and benefits
  • Funding for automation projects

Donovan Volk, VP - Sales & Marketing
Gregory Tink, President
The Streamline Group
Dr. Roman Shor, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Schulich School of Engineering UofC

3:40 pm


  • Protocol for standardization of data across things and applications
  • Managing data
  • Mobility devices
  • Risk Management
  • Real-time data and what it means
  • Insight and analysis for profitability
  • Smart fields – smart data, smart communication, smart insights

Dr. Steve Liang, Associate Professor
University of Calgary

4:20 pm

Closing remarks

4:30 pm

End of Conference Refreshments