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This event ran February 14-15, 2017 and has now finished.


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After capturing the attention of both the energy and technology markets on IoT and big data with its inaugural Big Data and IoT in Oil and Gas Canada event in 2016, the Energy Conference Network and IoT Events are pleased to announce the 2nd annual Big Data, IoT & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Canada in 2017.

More than 140 Canadian energy technology leaders will discuss the challenges of remaining profitable in the low oil price environment and what IoT and Big Data solutions are available.

Traditionally in the wake of an oil price dip, operators have relied on traditional cost cutting methods such as layoffs and capital expense reductions. But such measures are often short-sighted and counter-productive.

We are witnessing a divergence in the oil and gas industry. Some companies continue to rely on outdated models, while others are using new tools to improve efficiency.

Technological advances have enabled companies to maintain or boost production in the lower oil price environment while remaining profitable.

IoT and Big Data, as well as Machine Learning, have emerged as opportunities to meet business objectives and customer demand.

At this event you will hear about:

  • Adopting IoT and Big Data tools
  • Becoming efficient and environmentally friendly through data analytics
  • Operating challenges and how new technologies can help resolve them
  • Improving efficiency in downstream and midstream operations
  • Retrofitting new technologies on old infrastructure
  • Creating an analytical culture and how it benefits bottom line
  • How regulations are hastening IoT and Big Data adoption


Did you know…?

  • By fully optimizing the IoT solutions available, an oil and gas company with $50 billion in annual revenue could increase its profits by nearly $1 billion, according to a Cisco study.
  • Over the next three to five years, 62% of oil and gas executives worldwide say they will invest more than they currently do in digital, according to a recent Microsoft and Accenture survey.
  • Among oil and gas executives, 89% believe they can leverage analytics to improve business practices, according to Microsoft and Accenture.
  • Business Intelligence estimates the number of devices used on oil extraction sites — primarily wells — will increase at a 70% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The devices will primarily be internet-connected sensors used to provide environmental metrics about extraction sites.

Find out how you can benefit – we look forward to seeing you in Calgary in February.


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