The Energy Conference Network was established in response to a growing disenchantment with traditional conferences.

The average conference is boring, with too many sales pitches, it is difficult to meet the right people, they’re not focused on industry challenges, and there is poor customer service.

We believe conferences should be better than this.

With a focus on the energy sector, a small team with a commitment to excellence in research and customer service, and a determination to deliver the absolute best experience onsite, the Energy Conference Network is just what the industry has been waiting for.

Whether it is resource efficiency, supply chain optimization, technology implementation or production enhancement, energy companies need solutions now more than ever. Presentations, discussions, debates, contacts, and ideas are all elements of conferences that make them priceless.


The Energy Conference Network will organize and execute the most timely, insightful and respected conferences in the energy sector, providing executives with the edge they need to overcome the challenges of today’s operating environment.Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.08.07 PM

We will provide world class conferences through a deep understanding of market issues and opportunities, exemplary onsite delivery and a focus on quality in everything we do.

We will  deliver to all our stakeholders – staff, customers, suppliers – exceptional value and service.


We will be the most innovative and respected energy conference company in the world.